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UAE Pro League looks after the professional league of UAE football competitions. Their mission is to organize and develop football programs and events through a network of professional and strategic partnerships. They are committed to developing a competitive sport environment that is both entertaining and financially independent and promotes the UAE in all areas related to football competition and professionalism.

Le défi

Building on the success of introducing online ticketing a few seasons earlier, the UAE Pro League initiated a project that would allow it to centralize fan data across 14 clubs to better understand fan behaviours and needs. This profiling project would help the UAE Pro League communicate more efficiently with their new and existing fans through engaging marketing initiatives. Building an automation tool as well as a customer relationship management (CRM) system was crucial to the ability to profile customers, segment data, and communicate more effectively.

Les solutions

A single data source

Onboarding UAE Pro League onto Salesforce Marketing Cloud was a vital step in bridging the gap between their external and internal data systems. Wipro’s knowledge and expertise with Marketing Cloud enabled UAE Pro League to adopt the right products within the cloud and unify their data sources.

More personal than ever

Once all data was housed within Marketing Cloud, the Wipro team built a profile enrichment journey which takes customers through a predetermined communication path using Journey Builder. With this tool, UAE Pro League is able to gather their preferences, such as favorite team, to build out a rich profile and allow for a more accurate segmentation of customer data to utilize in future communications.

“Wipro’s commitment and expertise proved indispensable as we sought to improve our customer communications and fan engagement. We’re extremely satisfied with our partnership and would recommend Wipro to any organisation looking to grow their customer base and refine the quality of their customer engagement.” – Naz Savio, Sales & Sponsor Affairs Senior Manager, UAE Pro League.

Les résultats


customer database


visibility of each customer


segmentation and targeting

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