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TORI Global

Implementing automation to increase productivity and efficiency


TORI Global is an independent transformation consultancy using experienced practitioners to deliver solutions, services and resources to global Financial Services organisations. They required tools to manage and improve both their relationships and their everyday processes – tools that will help them to keep in touch with clients and measure their business.

Le défi

We were challenged to come up with a variety of Salesforce solutions that addressed the following issues:

  1. The Bid Team at TORI Global are targeted on attended meetings and were duplicating work by having to create an event in addition to a custom meeting record.
  2. The business wanted to be able to group their customers based on the level of interaction they have had with them and see this at a glance.
  3. Delivery Governance plans for projects were created on a bespoke basis with each one needing to be manually approved. They wanted to automate this routine operation.

Les solutions

Utilising Salesforce functionality

We used standard Salesforce functionality to automatically create an Event Record with their invitees and related this to their custom object. By using Event records,TORI Global can keep better track of their calendars.

Highlighting interaction

Using cross object formulas in conjunction with Visual Flows we produced a traffic light system to flag the frequency of interaction, to highlight warmer contacts and to be able to deliver a personalised journey for each individual based on behavior and engagement.

Implementing new Salesforce process

We designed and implemented the Delivery Governance process in Salesforce, creating a custom object to capture key project deliverables, configured an approval process and utilised the Conga Composer product from AppExchange to produce the finished PDF.

We implemented a number of automated processes which allows TORI Global to be more proactive in managing our client relationships. We are now able to view, at a glance, the level of interaction our practitioners have with our clients and facilitate effective communications between them. Moreover, we have greater visibility of the challenges encountered throughout projects, enabling us to develop new efficient processes.

Anvi Patel, Salesforce Administrator, TORI Global

Les résultats


reduction in time needed to book meetings


the business to focus their efforts on more engaging prospects


saved on document generation

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