Progress Educational Trust

Progress Educational Trust

Moving to one centralised system and streamlining processes with the help of Salesforce NPSP

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The Progress Educational Trust (PET) is an independent charity whose purpose is to raise public awareness of embryo/stem cell research, genetics and assisted conception, and to engage with policymakers and medical professionals to inform debate. Its vision is to improve the choices for people affected by infertility or genetic conditions.

Le défi

The difficulty for PET, as a small charity, was that their ambitions were reigned in by the fact that they didn’t have an effective means of managing their contacts. PET had duplicated contacts, living in multiple different places, on fragmented systems. This made it impossible for them to be able to liaise and engage with them in a meaningful way. They were frustrated by the time consuming and inefficient processes they had in place. They spent a lot of time managing spreadsheets rather than working on valuable opportunities that arose for them, meaning they were missing out on these.

PET were coming up against more and more pressure and were struggling to measure and demonstrate their impact. These challenges are what led PET down the path to Salesforce and Wipro.

Les solutions

One Centralised System

PET partnered with Wipro to completely transform their digital processes. They worked with Wipro’s dedicated nonprofit team, Wipro to implement Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Having one central system to store all contacts and related information has transformed the way PET now manage and engage with their audience. It has allowed PET to think about their data more rigorously and capture all the necessary information they need to be able to reach out to their contacts at the right time and in the right context. They are now able to capitalise and act upon more opportunities and this has really allowed them to think about how they grow and scale as an organisation.

Process Automation

Another real benefit that PET has seen since implementing NPSP is that they feel their workload has significantly lifted. A lot of tasks that were previously done manually have now been automated, information is easier to find as it is now centrally stored in one location and they have more time to focus on other tasks and priorities. Before using Salesforce, full time employees at PET didn’t feel confident to delegate tasks and the handling of data to volunteers and other staff as it used to create work, rather than save work as it would introduce inconsistencies. But now that PET have Salesforce and a systematic, technological way of documenting and capturing that data they can begin to delegate and prioritise their time on other important projects.

“The nonprofit team at Wipro are remarkably knowledgeable about NPSP, they have really taken the time to understand the difficulties and challenges we were facing. When unexpected things have arisen the team were able to resolve these quickly. Throughout the implementation process they have been very flexible and understanding. We are a small charity, we are subject to unpredictable day to day pressures which can make it hard to coordinate meetings and keep in touch and Wipro have accommodated us very well.”

Sandy Starr, Communications Manager, PET

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