Managing Perkbox’s Salesforce while they grow the business


Perkbox is the UK’s fastest growing employee benefits platform. It is based on the full spectrum of employee wellbeing; financial, physical and emotional. Users of the platform receive unlimited access to discounts and freebies from hundreds of big name brands across 17 different categories, including food, drink and travel. They have 500,0000 + users on their platform and 6,850+ companies with licences.

Le défi

Perkbox first adopted Salesforce a few years ago to help run their core departments across the business. Perkbox quickly realised that with so many untracked changes, it was time to bring in some outside assistance to work alongside their own Salesforce Administrator. This would allow them to focus on the bigger picture, while receiving assistance on the day to day updates needed across their Salesforce org.

Les solutions

Helping make day to day Salesforce changes

Multiple people across the business had Salesforce admin rights, with the ability to make changes to Perkbox’s org. Utilising their Managed Service release time, one of the core areas Wipro and Perkbox decided to address was streamlining the way prospect opportunities were stored and managed within Salesforce. Working alongside Perkbox’s in house Salesforce Administrator, Wipro’s Managed Service team helped unify the approach to make sure sales followed a single course of truth, rather than creating their own bespoke validation rules. This has allowed Perkbox to manage and report on opportunities more effectively, producing one single report, rather than five different reports run by five different people in different teams.

Integration of Adobe Sign with Salesforce

Wipro suggested the implementation of Adobe Sign. The introduction of this 3rd party app helped speed up the signing of partnership agreements and order forms, as well as giving Perkbox the ability to store digital signatures on their Salesforce platform and quickly get contracts back.

“With Wipro’s Salesforce Managed Service, I am able to approach a specialist at Wipro, log a case and have it looked at very quickly, whether it be a query about Marketing Cloud, Sales or Service Cloud. Rita and Maks have offered a wealth of knowledge and have been able to advise on Salesforce best practices, showing us the best solution to multiple problems, focusing on what will work and what could potentially go wrong.”

Jin Kaur, Salesforce Administrator, Perkbox

Les résultats


utilisation of the Salesforce platform across the business


in time taken to receive signed partner contracts

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