Nationwide Fire Sprinklers

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers

Speedier sales cycle and improved customer service for Nationwide Fire Sprinklers

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Nationwide Fire Sprinklers are experts in domestic and residential fire sprinklers. They are a family owned and run business, who for two generations they have been leading the industry in the design and installation of bespoke fire protection systems.

Le défi

Before partnering with Wipro and Salesforce, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers were stuck with some archaic technology, they were working on a legacy CRM platform that was 10 years out of date and it was incredibly limiting as to what they could achieve. The system had a number of failings. They had very close data losses and there were days where they lost productivity due to the system not working properly. They regularly encountered problems surrounding poor data integrity which led to customers not receiving the information or advice they needed.

When it came to their sales and quoting, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers had a very simplistic and manual process in place. It relied upon the sales team having to work really hard to get data in and out of the legacy system. Quotes took hours to generate, were not always accurate and put a lot of strain on administrative staff resources. Customer service and case management was also dealt with very manually and was almost non existent. They would deal with issues as the phone rang or email came in. They had no proactive processes in place and knew that a change was needed.

Les solutions

Multi-Cloud Implementation

With the help of Wipro, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers went for a multi-cloud solution, implementing Service Cloud, CPQ and Sales Cloud. Since going live, their sales process has completely transformed. The sales team are able to produce quotes more quickly, more easily and are now able to track quotes from opportunity to close. Whereas previously it would take 2-3 hours for a sales representative to create one quote, they can now do it in 5 clicks. Conversion rates have massively improved and the teams can now actually track those conversion rates, which is something they could not do with their old CRM system. From a commercial perspective, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers have seen a large upward trend. They are now able to extract, in real time, data driven information and it is also now much easier for the sales team to manage their sales information.

Delivering Personalised Customer Support

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers have seen a complete process shift since going live with the new solutions. Customer service and case management has been transformed. The customer service team are now able to be much more proactive in their approach. With a scalable solution in place, customer queries are responded to in a much more timely manner, and all customer information can be accessed at the click of a button. Customers are now receiving a faster, more reliable and more personalised service.

“If I was describing how we worked with Wipro I would say it was easy. It was easy because even when we asked them to do the impossible like challenge us and make us better and smarter they gave us 100% in making that happen.” - Craig Gilliver, Associate Director, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers

Les résultats


time saved each week in creating sales quotes


increase in quotes generated post-CPQ implementation


reduction in service administration

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