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Monizze is Belgium’s third largest publisher of meal, eco and gift vouchers. In Belgium, these vouchers are part of the (tax-free) fringe benefits employees get in many organisations as a complement to the salary and other benefits. Monizze is a pioneer in its market, preferring to work digitally from the start and offering only electronic vouchers, no paper certificates. Monizze was also quick to launch a 3-in-1 card, containing the three fringe benefits (meal, eco and a gift voucher) in one.

As Monizze outgrew its start-up phase, the company realised it had to standardise its tools and processes in order to cope with the hyper growth it was experiencing, whilst maintaining its core value proposition - excellent service to its clients. Monizze turned to Wipro for assistance in redesigning its sales, marketing and support processes through a Salesforce multi-cloud implementation.

Le défi

When Monizze started business in 2011, it developed a number of home-grown programmes and also used a number of different technologies for sales, marketing, support, quotation management and billing. These tools were not all integrated and lacked user-friendliness. Monizze wanted to do away with these silos and also wanted to get a 360 view on three customer sets:

  • organisations who distribute the vouchers to their employees
  • the employees themselves who use the Monizze card when purchasing items
  • the affiliates: shops and services where people can spend their vouchers

Les solutions

Long-term partnership

In its quest to find a solution for its customer-facing challenges, Monizze quickly turned to Wipro. “We knew the good reputation Wipro had in the Belgian market,” said Jean-Louis Van Houwe, Founder and CEO of Monizze. “And they came highly recommended by Salesforce.” Van Houwe states that he considers Wipro as a long-term partner. “We are delighted with the job they did. From my position in the steerco, I experienced how well they managed the project and how they delivered it on time and within budget. They delivered the right kind of consultants, real professionals.”

The good relationship started before the implementation and continued afterwards. “The sales team was empathetic, understood our business and what they proposed was to the point,” said Van Houwe, who has experience in the consulting industry and has seen first hand the great results that strong customer-integrator relationships can lead to. “Wipro was very proactive and comprehensive. And they were very reasonable when it came to change requests. Any hiccups in the project were always to blame on delays at our end. We will definitely keep Wipro on board for future projects. We have some Salesforce knowledge internally, but for corrective and evolutive maintenance, we will rely on Wipro. In fact, I would recommend Wipro to any organisation.”

A 360 view on all customers

“We are driven by our customers,” said Van Houwe. “We have a reputation for the best quality of service in our market. We wanted to keep that reputation as we grew. That’s why we needed a powerful tool.” Thanks to the integration set up by Wipro between Sales Cloud, Pardot and Service Cloud, Monizze now has a 360 view on their customers, from the moment a company is a lead to the moment that company becomes a customer and needs after-sales support.

“Our previous tools had a focus on just the employers as customers. Thanks to these new solutions, we now have integrated tools that give us full visibility on all our stakeholders; card holders, affiliates and retailers.”

More efficient sales and marketing

“A good CRM allows salespeople to optimise their interactions with customers in order to support them. A good salesperson will become more efficient thanks to a CRM-system,” said Van Houwe. Whenever a Monizze representative visits a customer, they now know how the customer has interacted with Monizze, both during the sales process but also post-sales, with customer care. “That is extremely useful for our sales team, who now have rich insights about our customers. Wipro has built a real productivity tool for us.”

On the marketing front, Monizze now finds it easier to manage and distribute leads. Since it was founded, the company has run over 1,500 marketing campaigns and, currently, Monizze has well over 100 open campaigns. “That would be very complex to manage without a tool like Salesforce,” said Van Houwe. “A salesperson can now easily see what leads there are, where they came from and which channel partner was involved. Our representatives have no excuse to miss any sales opportunities. Our salespeople are incredibly pleased with the tool; they experience the advantages every day.

“We were impressed by the growth strategy of Wipro, and by their number of references from well-reputed companies. We wanted to work with a company that is really specialised in its field, that can go in-depth, and get the job done.” - Jean-Louis Van Houwe, Founder and CEO, Monizze

Les résultats

360 view

of the entire customer journey


sales efficiency with more deals closed

Integrated systems

means there are no data silos

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