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Engie Fabricom

Helping Engie Fabricom to become an integrated, data-driven company with Sales Cloud

Le contexte

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Engie Fabricom has a strong market presence in infrastructures, buildings, renewable energy, security, grids and industry in Belgium and Luxembourg. Their main focuses are multi-technical engineering, installation and services on electromechanical installations. Thanks to their multidisciplinary approach they help companies and governments optimise their energy, environmental and operational efficiency.

Le défi

Engie Fabricom consists of 7 divisions, each of which have their own specific activities and market approach. During an internal audit they concluded that their efficiency could be improved by all working on the same CRM platform. By implementing Salesforce as a CRM in the remaining 4 divisions their goal was to align and globalise their processes to set a scalable base for the future.

Les solutions

One CRM platform for 7 different divisions

Prior to working with Wipro only 3 divisions at Engie Fabricom were using Salesforce. This provided the opportunity for the other 4 divisions to also make the move to the same platfrorm. To increase internal collaboration and efficiency in the different divisions Engie Fabricom decided to implement a more aligned sales process for all divisions.

With Salesforce as their central CRM system Engie Fabricom now has a cloud-based futureproof system in place. In the future the benefits of this system will not only be leveraged by their sales team, but by alll other departments across the business.

Ensuring adoption of the new system

With the 4 transforming divisions each providing different services and each having their own way of working, they needed to make sure the transition was seamless. To ensure the adoption of the new system, Wipro made sure change management was in place. During the design of the new streamlined process Wipro included key users in every division to make sure everybody was aware of the changes that were being made.

Train-the-trainer program

Wipro trained 50 key users at Engie Fabricom who all learned how to use the system in the right way. These 50 key users are today empowered to train their colleagues in their own organisation. By training these key users Engie Fabricom ensured ownership and support of the new system which in turn increased adoption and utilisation.

“The biggest advantage of the new system is that we now have a system that is completely on the cloud and which is also harmonised all over the company. Which means we can start building the data to become smarter.”
Ronny Stormezand, Business Development Innovation at Engie Fabricom Belgium

Les résultats


Harmonised Cloud-based CRM system


Different divisions on the same system


Account management & data quality

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