Streamlined customer communication thanks to Service Cloud


As a trademark research firm, Corsearch helps global brand owners clear, create and protect their brands. Corsearch enables professionals with high-quality and intuitive customer-technology tools to effectively clear and monitor their trademarks. Their customer service department aims to provide a customer-centric, human and personal service to all their global customers 24/5.


Le défi

With customer service departments in 7 countries and a multi-lingual team, Corsearch wants to put the customer at the centre of their communications. Their way of working with distribution lists in Outlook mailboxes created a hornet’s nest of communication. The lack of ownership for customer’s cases became an issue in providing effective customer service. Wipro was challenged to create a streamlined solution that helped Corsearch globally:

  1. Streamline communication processes between global multi-lingual service departments and customers
  2. Create a queue-based system
  3. Encourage ownership and responsibility of cases
  4. Provide a 360° view on customers so Corsearch can adapt their services to the customers needs

Les solutions

Streamlined global communication with customers

The Corsearch customer now has one point of entry for their questions, challenges and issues. Internal communication between front-office, sales, solution and service providers, is now is possible on the Salesforce platform. Service Cloud is the core tool that Corsearch use to manage communication and to provide knowledge and solutions to their customers. Centralised communication is the key to customer satisfaction.

Queue based priority system to handle cases

Corsearch uses the Service Console as a complete ticketing system with email-to-case processes as the base. All tickets (cases) are allocated to the appropriate queues and teams depending on their location and level of expertise. As a result, Corsearch can ensure customers are helped as soon and effectively as possible.

Ownership and responsibility of cases

The Corsearch service team can see exactly which cases are assigned and what they need to respond to right away. Service Cloud provides a clear and efficient view on all customer questions. The detailed case view provides knowledge to the service representatives so they can provide the right information to the customer.

360° view on customers behaviour

Service Cloud helps Corsearch to have an overview on the flow of cases and to learn how the customers behave. Management can see the volume and topics of cases and manage their people to reply to questions. Furthermore, the cases can be analysed which enables the team to adapt their services to customers.

“Thanks to the implementation of Service Cloud, the US customer service team has gained back on average 2 hours per service representative a day. In the EU we are already seeing about 35% efficiency gains.”

Zaide Ostrozubi, Global Client Acquisitions Manager, Corsearch

Les résultats


Hours saved per customer representative each day


Multi-lingual platform for internal customer service communication


Efficiency gains

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