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ASTRiiD’s mission is to help people with long term illnesses and conditions find meaningful work. The charity was founded by David Shutts OBE following his cancer diagnosis, just 10 days after his 50th birthday. ASTRiiD helps bridge the gap between the Invisible Talent Pool (people who have long-term conditions but who wish to use their skills and experience in work), and the businesses that need an injection of talent. The platform matches talented candidates with prospective employers, providing accessible work opportunities for those who are seeking them.

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ASTRiiD’s main channel for both candidates and businesses to find out about the charity and sign up is through the website, they are an online platform. This means that ASTRiiD collects and has a lot of meaningful data but they didn’t have the capabilities and processes in place to be able to manipulate that data and use it in the most effective way.

Les solutions

Data Visualisation - Showing The Value

With the help of Wipro and Salesforce, ASTRiiD is now able to visualise all their data, helping to bring their mission to life. Through the set up of a real-time dashboard using Salesforce Einstein, ASTRiiD now has instant access to their data, in a usable and digestible form. They can view their company data and their candidate data instantly and use it in the right way, to match the most suitable candidates to the job most closely aligned to their skill set.

ASTRiiD is run though the amazing efforts of volunteers, if you volunteer for a charity you want to see that you are doing something good and see that you are adding value to the organisation. ASTRiiD is now able to provide their volunteers with a tool that allows them to do that, thanks to the dashboard.

Effective Communication - Matching the Right Candidates with the Most Suitable Jobs

A huge benefit ASTRiiD has seen since going live with the dashboards is organisational effectiveness and transparency. Through the visualisation and segmentation of data, they now have their data in a usable form for the first time ever and are able to communicate with their members and companies in a more lucid way, which has been transformative for the charity. Technology is really helping ASTRiiD to drive their mission forward, matching the right people to the right jobs. It’s changing lives and helping people feel more motivated and valued at a truly life changing and difficult time.

“The impact that the partnership with Wipro has had with us has been enormous. It’s impacted our organistion in terms of the companies we communicate with but it’s also impacted our volunteers. The whole charity is based around the efforts of volunteers and to give them access to data now allows them to communicate with candidates and with companies has been really helpful. It allows them to increase the value of the time they are spending with us.” - Steve Shutts, Chief Executive Officer, ASTRiiD

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