4C Pledge 1% & Launch Dedicated Nonprofit Practice, 4C4U

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Here at 4C, we have some exciting news to announce. We have officially launched our very own nonprofit practice, 4C4U and have been awarded Impact Partner status by Salesforce.org, the philanthropic arm of Salesforce. Salesforce.org puts the world’s best technology in the hands of nonprofits and educational institutions so they can connect with others and do more good.

Impact partner

Tineke Schrier and Carina Flückiger, members of the 4C4U team, proudly posing with our Impact Partner plaque

This newly formed 4C practice, headed up by Tineke Schrier, is dedicated to working exclusively with nonprofits to help them extend their reach and increase their impact with the power of the Salesforce platform. Tineke Schrier is a long standing member of the 4C team and is perfectly placed to work with our nonprofit customers on their long term strategy and success. Discussing the exciting launch of the practice and looking ahead at what’s to come for the 4C4U team, Tineke has said, “With the power of Salesforce, nonprofits can truly focus on what matters - driving more social change. On behalf of my team, we are so excited to be a part of enabling these organisations to change the world.”

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Tineke Schrier, Business Unit Manager - Nonprofit, 4C

Through their Power of Us Programme, Salesforce.org offer 10 donated subscriptions to empower organisations with the technology they deserve. At 4C we offer discounted services to enable nonprofits to truly harness the power of this technology and turn their passion into impact. We are already working with a number of fantastic nonprofits including Progress Educational Trust (PET), ASTRiiD, Social Investment Business and War Child to help them enhance their organisation and power their mission with the help of technology.

In line with our expansion into the nonprofit space, we have also committed to pledge 1%. We admire organisations who are dedicated to changing the world and we want to change the world with them. Alongside Salesforce and many of our partners, we have pledged to contribute 1% of our time and product to social businesses. We are incredibly excited to have made the pledge and be a part of this global movement of companies that are giving their resources back to the community.

Want to find out more, or know of an organisation that could use our assistance? Feel free to get in touch to learn more about how 4C4U can help!

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