Accelerating impact and becoming a more connected nonprofit

Why nonprofit’s are harnessing the power of technology to gain a 360-degree view of every aspect of their mission - from donors and partners to programmes and impact

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Empowering nonprofits to change the world with Salesforce

At 4C we believe that we have a responsibility to leave the world in a better place than we found it. Alongside Salesforce and many of our partners, we pledge 1% of our time to social projects. Our employees achieve a sense of fulfilment and at 4C we get to have that “feel good” factor every day.

We admire organisations who are dedicated to changing the world and we want to change the world with them. Through their Power of Us Programme, Salesforce offer 10 donated subscriptions and additional generous discounts to empower organisations with the resources to accelerate their impact. And here at 4C we have a dedicated team 4C4U, who work exclusively with nonprofits to help them extend their reach and increase their impact by using the platform.

Priorities for nonprofits

Visibility and Insights

Nonprofits are facing more and more pressure to demonstrate their impact and effectiveness. With the help of Salesforce, nonprofits are able to take all the data they have and use it in a smarter way, to make smarter decisions about their programmes and report on the effectiveness of their mission delivery. Real time insights on donation opportunities is also allowing nonprofits to focus on targeting the right profiles to foster long lasting donor relationships which in turn can help maximise their involvement and ultimately lead to greater resources and funding opportunities.

Extend the reach and increase the impact of your non-profit organisation with Salesforce CRM

Programme Management

Maximising the time spent on programme delivery is fundamental for many nonprofit organisations. Salesforce empowers nonprofits with the ability to track all programme activity in one central place, from calls, emails and meetings to donations, donors and volunteers. With programme management centralised, processes become more streamlined so more time can be spent on delivering the programmes that drive social change.

Extend the reach and increase the impact of your non-profit organisation with Salesforce CRM


Engaging your audience at the moments that matter is key when trying to magnify your message, accelerate your mission and raise more funds. Salesforce allow nonprofits to deliver personalised experiences, at the right time, to the right people and on the right channel. Taking constituents on their own personal journey, from onboarding to impact.

Extend the reach and increase the impact of your non-profit organisation with Salesforce CRM

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the driving force behind most nonprofits; they not only support fundraising, events and take on administrative tasks but also champion the organisation’s cause in their community. Now more than ever it is important for organisations to give their volunteers the flexibility to sign up for shifts online, at a time that suits them and matches their skills with the opportunities available. Volunteer management within the NPSP allows nonprofits to provide a better user experience for their volunteers, track all volunteer activity, and saves valuable time so that they can focus on other areas.

Extend the reach and increase the impact of your non-profit organisation with Salesforce CRM
Stephen Wylie

Stephen Wylie

Volunteer, Progress Educational Trust

“Progress Educational Trust (PET) could not achieve it’s ambitious goals without the Salesforce nonprofit solution. Salesforce will be the core repository for our stakeholders and our interactions with them.

4C are helping drive the implementation with limited support from PET, breaking down the programme into small units, with a focus on needs versus costs as we have a very limited operational budget. The staff helping us are taking time to understand PET and investigate cost effective options, which, together with their deep Salesforce knowledge is ensuring we should end up with a best fit solution for PET.”

Why do nonprofits choose Salesforce and 4C?

The Power of Us Programme

Through the Power of Us programme, Salesforce offers eligible nonprofits 10 enterprise licenses and further discounts on additional products and services from Salesforce. This gives nonprofits a kick start with managing and measuring their missions.

The Nonprofit Success Pack

Salesforce offer a product specifically for nonprofits, the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a flexible app that enables nonprofits to increase their impact, engage more deeply with donors and volunteers and extend their reach and impact.

4C Understand What Matters

4C know that your supporters are the centre of your cause. Having a 360 degree view of their interactions will allow you to amplify your impact potential and we can help you make this a reality.

Dedicated 4C Nonprofit Team and Packages

4C have nonprofit accelerator packages and a dedicated delivery team, 4C4U, whose sole priority is to focus on helping nonprofits enhance their organisation and power their mission with the help of technology.

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