Change Management

Various approaches to prepare, support, and help teams drive change throughout the business

One of the pillars of a successful programme or project is ensuring the people that will work with the new system are able to adapt to the change that comes with new technology. Furthermore, many technology programmes can have profound effects on the culture of the business especially in a full digital transformation of the organisation and it’s operations.

We provide change management advice and planning on:

  • Change strategy
  • Organisational readiness
  • Skills gaps
  • Capability gaps
  • Communications strategy
  • Sponsor activities
  • Adoption measures
  • Alignment workshops
  • Resistance management
  • Staff feedback and remedial work

Why work with Wipro?

  • Largest independent Platinum rated Salesforce partner
  • A dedicated design and process management team
  • Customer satisfaction rating of 9.43/10
  • Huge breadth of project experience and deep product understanding
  • A dedicated Project Manager backed by a capable team with a myriad of strengths
Alan Morgan

Alan Morgan

Head of Design

“At Wipro, from the moment we start working with you, we partner with you to identify the impact of the change on your business and create a strategy that will manage that change across your organisation”

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Are you from a nonprofit organisation?

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