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Automate your Quote-to-Cash processes with Salesforce CPQ and Billing solutions and Wipro’s certified customisation and implementation consultants.

Close more deals faster with a seamless view on revenue recognition. Generate accurate quotes, better contracts, and faster cash collection.

Here at Wipro, as a recognised Salesforce Master Navigator CPQ (Revenue Cloud) Partner, we have more than 50 qualified Salesforce CPQ and Billing consultants, who have the expertise and project experience to help you assess, design/configure and build simple and accurate quotes, create cleaner proposals and streamline billing and revenue recognition.

Does my business need Salesforce Revenue Cloud (previously Salesforce CPQ)?

Here are some of our helpful questions to determine your readiness for CPQ Software Implementation.

  • Are you using legacy quote configurations?
  • Is revenue growth outpacing your ability to operate?
  • Are you building a recurring revenue stream?
  • Do you need practical ways to implement more advanced business solutions?
  • Are sales quotes to prospects often inaccurate?
  • Does someone manually review your sales quotes?

If you’re looking for ways to scale and bring efficiency to your business, implementing Configure-Price Quote software might be just for you. Why not download our CPQ Software Implementation eBook to determine your readiness?

With Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Billing, your business will have the ability to deliver complex sales quotes, contracts, and invoices accurately and easily, helping you to improve forecasting and revenue recognition, all contained within your Salesforce platform.

Streamlining your processes even more, you can connect your CPQ engine to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud using the CPQ B2B Commerce Cloud Connector. This connector helps you synchronise product and pricing data, streamline channel experiences and align order history. Using one data model, pricing engine and a unified process built around customer engagement from CPQ, you can create omnichannel customer-driven experiences.


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Salesforce Revenue Cloud (Salesforce CPQ & Billing)

  • Easily configure quotes with speed and accuracy, all on the same platform
  • Configure products, price orders, and generate quotes while reducing errors and increasing sales rep productivity
  • Create and deliver branded proposals and contracts without leaving Sales Cloud, in minutes
  • Automate contract renewals, amendments and uplifts
  • Benefit from the next-generation billing and revenue recognition, all on the same transaction engine

Why work with Wipro

  • Number 1 Quote-to-Cash partner in EMEA with the most certified and experienced CPQ and Billing consultants
  • 8 CPQ domain experts with 10+ years in CPQ consulting including 1 Salesforce MVP
  • Dedicated internal CPQ and Billing team of 54 with 50+ CPQ certified across the UK, Belgium, France, Denmark and Norway
  • Dedicated Wipro Advisory to help with readiness around processes, change management and organisational roadmap development
  • Customer satisfaction rating of 9.63/10
  • Platinum Salesforce partner in all Wipro regions
  • Over 700 Salesforce certifications across the group (50+ Salesforce CPQ Certifications)
  • Experience in delivering over 60 CPQ projects with a deep understanding of risks, processes and integrations
  • Dedicated Project Managers backed by a capable team with a myriad of strengths
  • Full project transparency and weekly showcases throughout the project

Frequently Asked Questions about Salesforce Revenue Cloud (previously called Salesforce CPQ and Billing)

What is Salesforce CPQ and Billing?

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a true cloud solution that enables Sales to configure complex product bundles with dynamic pricing to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. The Billing cloud solution automates complex billing requirements and invoice payments for timely invoices and cash collection. Together they automate the Quote to Cash process by integrating CRM and ERP for a seamless experience

How can CPQ and Billing help my business?

Unify Sales and Finance with complete visibility across the customer lifecycle from quote to retention. Quickly recognise revenue, report on sales cycles, quotes, orders and payments for actionable intelligence. Frictionless selling experience on one platform will help you deliver greater revenue with reduced costs across the board

How much will CPQ and Billing cost to implement?

CPQ starts at $75 per month per user with a 10 user minimum. Implementation and integration costs can vary dependant on the size and complexity of your business. Wipro’s agile delivery approach allows us to accelerate the process by utilising our pre-built accelerators. Get in touch with one of our Sales team to discuss in more detail and they will work with you to create an accurate quote.

Can I implement CPQ on my own?

The complexity of implementing Salesforce CPQ requires the expert guidance of a certified CPQ partner. You can trust us when we say that investing in a good partner on the front-end and doing it right the first time will save you money in the long run.

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