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We help companies transform from product focused to customer obsessed by bringing their customer experiences to life on Salesforce and helping them make smarter business decisions through data science

Our company

4C is EMEA’s largest independant Salesforce Platinum partner. Our mission? In an increasingly complex world, we contribute to a customer driven society by building customer companies through Salesforce, data analytics and business consulting.

We have been building customer companies since 1997. Fast forward 21 years, we’ve successfully delivered over 1000 projects, we’ve grown to more than 220 people, are experienced in AI project delivery, including Salesforce Einstein and have a Customer Satisfaction score of 9.46.

Our headquarters are in Mechelen, Belgium, but we also have major offices in London, Paris, Dubai and Brussels. Inside each 4C office, you’ll find a team of Salesforce experts and digital gurus, with one common goal of building customer companies through our management consulting (Design) services and deep analytics (Learn) services.


We are a leading Platinum Salesforce Partner with expertise in every cloud and experience combining the leading cloud apps within the Salesforce.com ecosystem

Our local management team

Here in the UK, we’re based in central London and consist of a team of more than 80 Salesforce gurus. We enjoy table tennis, tackling complex customer problems, travelling, Friday quizzes, talking about the latest Salesforce releases, and occasionally, visiting the office bar, the list goes on and on.

David Martins LinkedIn Profile

David Martins

Managed Service Director

Originally from Portugal, David was ranked in the ATP as a teenager and enjoyed a career as a tennis coach. He joined CloudSocius in 2014 as a Salesforce Consultant and progressed to head up the Managed Service team in 2016. He is well known around the office for his love of checked shirts and S.L. Benfica.

Claire Breading LinkedIn Profile

Claire Breading

Head of Talent and HR

Originally from Devon, Claire moved to the ‘big smoke’ after completing her degree at Bath University. She joined the company 2 years ago (whilst still CloudSocius). Her favourite part about working at 4C, is hiring junior members of the team and seeing them rise up and have a big impact on our customers projects.

Joanna Clarke LinkedIn Profile

Joanna Clarke

Head of Support Services

Starting as a Salesforce Consultant and quickly being promoted to the Head of Support Services, Joanna loves guiding new starters in the way of the (Sales)force. Joanna is an avid traveller, having spent a year living in Brazil before university, and 2 years living in Hong Kong before settling in the UK.

Sam Arroyo LinkedIn Profile

Sam Arroyo

Head of Development

Used to warmer climates and regularly seeing the sun, Samuel comes from Spain where he initially started his Salesforce career. He now leads the development team and enjoys acting as one of the office DJs too. In his spare time he loves playing any of the many instruments he has at home.

Tineke Schrier LinkedIn Profile

Tineke Schrier

Head of Project Management

Originally from the Land of the Long White Cloud it seemed fitting that Tineke ended up working in London at the Office of the Virtual White Cloud – 4C. When not getting flack for her kiwi accent, she is enjoying the constant evolution of the Salesforce platform & leading her team to deliver exceptional projects for our clients.

Eoghan Fitzmaurice LinkedIn Profile

Eoghan Fitzmaurice

Customer Success Director

Having honed his skills from over 10 years in roles across marketing and commercial, Eoghan is now dedicated to help companies become customer obsessed entities, allowing them to create long-term value. He one day hopes for a call from Elon Musk to come and support on how best to rocket people to the moon, until then he is dedicated to ensuring every customer in 4C gets a first class experience.

Growing never stops at 4C. We create an environment that allows our people to have experiences and opportunities that enable them to evolve, on a professional level, and on a personal level. Think you’ve got what it takes?

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The 4C values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do here at 4C, our people, our services, our ideas and our customer centric approach.



Can Do

Can Do





A local company with a global reach

We have offices in London, Paris, Lille, Brussels, Mechelen, Warsaw, Dubai and Casablanca that help provide our customers with worldwide support.

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