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DigitalGenius Puts Your Contact Center on Autopilot.

DigitalGenius is an AI platform that puts your contact center on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting your customers. The platform is powered by deep learning that understands your customers’ objectives, then drives automated resolutions through APIs that connect seamlessly to your own backend systems. This is the practical application of AI that delivers the concrete ROI you’ve been waiting for.


Features of the DigitalGenius AI platform:

  • Full case resolution
  • Answer automation
  • Action automation (such as refunds, upgrades, cancellations and more)
  • Case intelligence (classification, re-routing and more)
  • Multilingual (including different alphabets eg: Japanese)
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce and other platforms via APIs
  • Multi-channel
  • Continuous self-learning
  • AI model management dashboard

Why work with 4C

  • 4C and DigitalGenius are uniquely placed to educate companies on the execution of AI tools, enabling them to enhance their current product and service offerings and gain a deeper understanding of their customers.
  • 4C has a team of more than 15 AI specialists working on a variety of projects

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Find out how DigitalGenius can help your customer service operation


Case Study: Aylesbury Vale District Council

Find out how Aylesbury Vale District Council saw a 50% reduction in response times and is able to provide a 24/7 digital first experience to its customers.

4C and DigitalGenius Launch AI Partnership

4C and DigitalGenius Launch AI Partnership

Hear from Johan Van Genechten, Group CEO at 4C, and Mikhail Naumov, Co-founder & President at DigitalGenius on the exciting new partnership that will allow both businesses to meet the growing demand for AI services.


DigitalGenius: How it works

Find out how AI and DigitalGenius can help you reply to your customer enquiries quickly and effectively without sacrifying quality.

Rita Martin

Rita Martin

AI Practice Lead, 4C

“To remain relevant in today’s market, every business needs to begin thinking in the realm of unified customer experiences. Regardless of the customer’s communication channel, be it email, chat, social media or text, DigitalGenius can be set up to interpret, respond to, assist or process customer requests automatically. AI powered solution shows how humans and machines can collaborate so to augment - not replace - human skills”

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Frequently Asked Questions about DigitalGenius

What type of companies use DigitalGenius?

Companies with a customer service team of 20 agents or more, and who are exploring ways to increase capacity. DigitalGenius is ideal for companies who are looking for efficiencies via automation, are opening new markets, or who offer support in different languages and are opening new communication channels with their customers such as WhatsApp, Live Chat and more.

How much does DigitalGenius cost?

DigitalGenius is variably priced according to the KPIs your customer service & contact center teams are using our AI to solve, as well as volumes. Please get in touch so we can explore where DigitalGenius is able to add the most value to your operations.

Where does the DigitalGenius AI learn from?

We connect with your Customer Service Console & CRM to extract data and train a neural network on your own historical customer service transcripts. The AI model learns how your best agents deliver fast, accurate customer replies and correctly tag or route incoming cases.

How DigitalGenius addresses GDPR compliance?

Our deep learning AI focuses on understanding priority, sentiment and case detail of the inquiry, rather than profile the user who is asking the question. We believe that aside from protecting the privacy of users, this is also a more effective approach to providing efficient customer service. Read our full disclaimer at

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