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Create more leads, generate more pipeline, and empower your sales team to close more deals.

Pardot marketing automation software is redefining the way we sell. Not only does it boost your ability to spot potential customers, it also streamlines the way you work with leads and how you nurture them to the point of sale. With over 20 certified Salesforce consultants, 4C can help your sales and marketing team to nurture prospect, grow your pipeline and win more deals with Pardot.


Features of Pardot

  • Visitor tracking enables you to see who is visiting your site & how long they spend on each page
  • Host and track marketing files to see what content is driving engagement
  • Lead scoring and grading to identify hot leads more effectively
  • Automated lead assignment speeds up your sales process
  • Nurture leads with relevant content until they are sales ready
  • Quickly create landing pages and forms to capture prospect data
  • Dynamic content enables a more personalised experience for your leads
  • Sophisticated yet easy to use email marketing that doesn’t require html knowledge
  • Closed loop reporting to accurately determine ROI of marketing activity

Why choose 4C

  • Platinum rated Salesforce partner in London
  • Over 450 Salesforce certifications across the group (20+ Pardot Marketing Automation specialists)
  • A customer satisfaction rating of 9.43/10
  • Huge breadth of project experience and deep product understanding
  • A dedicated Project Manager backed by a capable team with a myriad of strengths
  • Full project transparency and weekly showcases throughout
  • Knowledge and expertise of Salesforce services through interal use

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Josh Bradley

Josh Bradley


“Pardot is an essential marketing automation tool for any B2B Marketing team looking to increase leads and boost pipeline value for their sales team. We use Pardot for a variety of channels, including, running automated email campaigns, managing event registrations as well as nurturing and profiling prospects.”

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pardot

What is Pardot marketing automation and is it fit for my business?

Salesforce Pardot is your one-stop-shop for all things marketing, helping you to drive more leads and a mature pipeline. Create and launch beautiful digital campaigns in just a few clicks. With Pardot you can:

  • Build assets in minutes with and easy-to-use interface that guides you with drag-and-drop builders and wizards.
  • Create landing pages, forms and email templates, using our templates, or customise with full HTML and CSS styling.
  • Host your files, images and assets in Pardot.

If your organisation uses online marketing for lead generation, you are probably a good candidate for marketing automation. In most cases, Pardot is used by companies with an extended or complex sales cycle who value the ability to build relationships with their customers over time.

How much will it cost to implement Pardot?

Overall costs will vary depending on the size and scope of your project and other variables (such as having Salesforce or not). To be able to accurately estimate, get in touch with one of our sales team and we can work with you to provide a quote to effectively carry out your project.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with a member of the 4C team to discuss your requirements. They will learn about your business and objectives and offer their advice on the first steps to take and how to get started with Pardot.

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