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Contact management: a 360° view on volunteers

The Low Down

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The Red Cross in Flanders offers a broad range of different services to the community, both in Flanders and worldwide. Over 100 different software solutions, databases and spreadsheets have been put in place to support these activities. Unfortunately, contact information is scattered throughout the organisation and these different solutions.

The Challenge

The Red Cross approached Wipro to assist with the setup of a centralised solution that would allow them to store and share contact information across the organisation, and support the volunteer life cycle. Their priorities were to:

  1. Make an analysis of the current CRM and volunteer management solution, and
  2. Design, select and deploy a new solution and coach the roll-out and post project go-live.

The Solutions

Platform analysis

We started this mission by designing a typical volunteer lifecycle: from acquisition to intake and registration, evaluation, until retention of volunteers. This allowed us to identify both the volunteers’ needs and expectations in each of the lifecycle stages and the objectives of Red Cross-Flanders at those stages, and to translate those into business requirements for the for tool selection.

Approach & Services

Wipro defined the CRM strategy for Red Cross Flanders, and supported them in their technology selection, which resulted in the roll-out of a new Salesforce centred solution to 200 Red Cross employees and 14K volunteers. This solution replaced an existing application which contained their volunteer details. An interface between their new Salesforce solution and a Red Cross legacy system enabled the design of a 360° view on the Red Cross Volunteers

Preparing the Red Cross

After the selection of a CRM tool and a software integrator, the role of Wipro during the CRM implementation project was twofold.

  1. During the pre-project go live period Wipro was responsible for the development and roll out of the change management and communication plan. In addition, Wipro developed all the necessary formations and work instructions and took care of educating the various end users.

  2. During the post-project go live period Wipro acted as a CRM helpdesk within the existing Red Cross ICT helpdesk. Wipro was also involved in business analyses which resulted in the design and redesign of existing and supplementary CRM processes.

The Results


Company wide CRM solution


CRM user interfaces joined


View on volunteers using the new CRM system

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