4C and DigitalGenius Launch AI Partnership

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Accelerating the adoption of practical machine learning and AI tools in critical business processes

London, UK, May 14 2018 – 4C, EMEA’s leading independent Salesforce Platinum Partner and DigitalGenius, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for customer service, today announced a new partnership that will allow both businesses to meet the growing demand for AI services, while bringing practical applications of data science and AI into the customer service operations of many leading companies across EMEA.

AI and Data Science have always been a core practice for 4C. This new strategic partnership with DigitalGenius will strengthen this and allow 4C to advance and further develop their machine learning and AI offering while bringing their customers to the forefront of this new technological frontier.

Johan Van Genechten, Group CEO at 4C, commented on the announcement:

“More and more, the implementation of AI and data science services are becoming a key part of the digital transformation projects we take on. With decades of experience, 4C are well positioned to lead the way in helping businesses make smarter decisions through the adoption of AI tools, and our partnership with DigitalGenius only enhances this”.

4C and DigitalGenius are uniquely placed to educate companies on the execution of AI tools, enabling them to enhance their current product and service offerings and gain a deeper understanding of their customers. By taking advantage of these scalable tools businesses are able to make massive shifts forward when delivering on increasing customer expectations.

Mikhail Naumov, Co-founder & President, DigitalGenius added:

“This partnership between DigitalGenius and 4C is rapidly accelerating the adoption of practical AI tools in the business world. Companies can now leverage the expertise of 4C, the leading Salesforce Platinum Partner, to bring powerful AI capabilities from DigitalGenius to their customer service operation.”

Currently, 4C has a team of more than 15 AI specialists working on a variety of projects, including the recent optimisation of Dutch insurance company, NN’s customer service centre, with the implementation of 4C’s AI model, TellMi. DigitalGenius is recognised as a leader in the AI space and is already powering some of the world’s most innovative customer service organisations with practical applications of AI.

With business demand for AI services predicted to grow faster than ever over the next 12-24 months, 4C and DigitalGenius are confident that their partnership will allow them to create more jobs in this field and take the lead in helping companies adopt this cutting edge technology.

About 4C

4C is a customer obsessed digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Mechelen, Belgium. Founded in 1997, 4C has been helping business across EMEA become more customer focused for over 20 years. As a leading Salesforce Platinum Partner, 4C has unrivalled knowledge of Salesforce’s suite of products and services. 4C are also experts in AI, Data Science and Management Consulting. To date, 4C has delivered more than 1500 projects for customers including Aston Martin, FujiFilm and Corsearch. 4C employs more than 245 people, with offices in Mechelen, Brussels, London, Paris, Lille, Ghent and Dubai.

About DigitalGenius

DigitalGenius is the AI Platform for Customer Service. It enables companies to rapidly increase the efficiency of their contact center through practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence. DigitalGenius is trained on historical customer service logs and integrated directly into the contact center’s existing software. Once enabled, the platform automates and increases the quality and efficiency of customer service conversations across text-based communication channels like email, chat, social media, SMS and mobile messaging. https://www.digitalgenius.com/

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