Salesforce Lightning strikes, get electrified!

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This is the year of Lightning. Since the introduction of Lightning Experience in 2015, Salesforce has been working relentlessly to add functionality to the new re-imagined user interface. Now in 2018, we are reaching the critical tipping point where the new Lightning platform has more functionality available than good old Salesforce Classic. Moreover, Salesforce has just announced that all new functionality will only be developed for Lightning, and will likely not be fit for Classic. The perfect reason for many Salesforce Customers to consider an upgrade to Salesforce Lightning. But how should you approach such a project? At 4C we are experienced Lightning experts, these are the steps we advise you to take:

Do the Lightning Assessment

Whether or not the time is right for your organization to move to Lightning, will depend on the current ROI of such a move. The value of Lightning is indisputable, but how much effort will it cost to make the switch? Maybe there is existing functionality in your Org, possibly custom developed, that is not Lightning ready yet. How easy is it to rework this functionality? For many organizations, now is the perfect time to upgrade, but for some it may be advisable to wait a couple more Salesforce releases. Salesforce helps a great deal by delivering automated reports on your org’s Lightning readiness. An experienced Salesforce Partner can help you interpret these reports and can give you an accurate estimation of the effort needed for making the switch. As Europe’s largest independent Salesforce Partner, we have experience in abundance, so let’s talk Lightning Assessment!

Plan ahead and guide the change

Is the time right to upgrade? Great! It is important to approach the upgrade as a full Salesforce project. The technical implementation effort may in many cases be modest, but the impact of introducing a new user interface to your Salesforce users is not to be underestimated. Build a project plan with your Salesforce Partner, and give special attention to Change Management. Clear communications, valued opportunities for user input, and effective end-user training will go a long way. Don’t forget to define success KPIs to measure project success, you will want to see the adoption of the new platform skyrocket!

Execute and seize the improvement opportunity

The plan is ready, time for action. Work with your Salesforce Partner to go through the different stages of the process: solution design, Salesforce customization and development, validation, deployment, and user training. At 4C, we see the upgrade as an opportunity for a proper and sometimes overdue Salesforce clean-up. We’re rethinking the Salesforce layout anyway, why not review the need for all fields on the different page layouts? Are all validation rules still valid? Decluttering your Salesforce will even further delight your end-users, happy faces all around the office.

Go live and celebrate

After all the hard work, finally you’ll be able to flip the switch. Enjoy the moment, embrace the many compliments and get some cake and champagne.

Are you ready for Lightning? We’re happy to help you with any of the steps on this exciting journey. Let’s chat!

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