My return to consulting after traveling the world: why 4C?

Posté sur by Jens Martens

During the past year I’ve spent about 8 months backpacking, following the sun around the southern hemisphere of the world. I saw things I had never seen before, experienced life changing moments, ate & drank things I didn’t knew existed and, most of all, expanded my perception on life.

While traveling, I forgot about how everything used to be and lived completely in the moment. The only meetings I had where spontaneous, with new and interesting people of different backgrounds and cultures. The only work I had to do was figuring out which beach was the whitest, which lake was the clearest or which neighbourhood had the best atmosphere. In short, I forgot about how it was to work every day of the week and then compress all your hobbies, family, friends, household and other personal interests into one overly busy weekend.

Now as you know, nothing lasts forever, and neither did my trip. When I booked my return flight, the realisation that I was about to re-enter Belgium’s busy working society came instantly. During a trip this long, I had time to think about a lot of stuff and one of the things I thought about most was: What do I want? I want to be happy! So, the next logical question was: What makes me happy? I realized that happiness for me comes from a life where I get to do things that make me smile, that amaze me, that challenge me and that are diverse and forever interesting. If I could find all of this in my personal life as well as in my professional life (and find a good balance between them both), I was bound to be happy!

And so, I started looking for a company whose culture matched with my own views, goals and values. I searched for a company where I could balance my professional and personal life, where I would be challenged and appreciated. At 4C, consultants work on challenging projects in an ever-changing environment, with clients from many different sectors. They can work at their own pace, with attention to healthy food and social interaction. Stress is kept to a minimum, while flexibility is pushed to a maximum.

By now, after about a month at 4C, I know I have made the right choice. I am experiencing the happiness I was looking for, both in my personal and my professional life, but most of all from the balance between them both. To all people who are looking for a challenging and interesting job, that leaves room for an active personal life, providing all the balance you could possibly be looking for: 4C is the place to be!

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