Life at the Lake

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The Lake, formerly 1st Line Support, is the internal name of 4C London’s Support Services department. Having only been created in the summer of 2017, the Lake has already announced some very ambitious plans to create 20 new entry level jobs by the end of the year.

The Lake opens the door for potential employees interested in joining the world of Salesforce consulting at an entry level”.

With regular training sessions, countless opportunities to work with different teams within 4C, as well as working and interacting directly with clients while also getting all the help needed to obtain Salesforce certification before taking the next step within the company; the Lake is the perfect starting point on your road to becoming a Salesforce Consultant at one of the most exciting partner consultancies in London!

Your time at the Lake will consist of working on cases directly with clients where you will help them troubleshoot issues they are facing, hone your consultancy skills by providing them with solutions and suggestions to enable them get the best out of their Salesforce orgs and streamline their businesses.

You will also be exposed to multiple training sessions covering all sorts of relevant areas from best practices when interacting with clients, to hands-on tutorials covering a wide variety of technical areas to help increase your Salesforce knowledge.

Interaction and collaboration

A big part of the learning experience during your time at the Lake is your interaction with other, more experienced colleagues both from within the Lake, as well as other teams at 4C such as Managed Services and Professional Services. One of the areas that really set our company apart is a very healthy culture of collaboration where everyone you come across will always be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, share their knowledge with you, help with any areas you feel you might be struggling in and extend invitations to further your experience by shadowing them on client requirement gathering sessions and showcases.

The ultimate goal of the Lake is to get you to a level where you have the knowledge and experience to move up to the next level in the company and in your journey as a Salesforce Consultant.

Level up

Personal development is a key area of focus at 4C. As soon as you have secured your Salesforce certification and completed a number of pre-set targets, you will be invited to showcase what you have learned in your time at the Lake. Once you have successfully completed that in a mock client showcase, you will be ready to take the next step at 4C.

Apply to join us today!

If this sounds like the sort of environment you would enjoy and you’d like to take the next step of your career with 4C, take a look at our current opportunities and apply to join our team today!

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