I thought I bought a ticket to Tomorrowland, but instead I got one for Dreamforce

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Have you ever heard of Tomorrowland? Each marketing school book states that this is the best example of a full blown music experience bringing a fantasy world to life. That was what they told me to expect from Dreamforce. I just had to replace ‘music’ with ‘technology’ and ‘fantasy world’ with a ‘Salesforce community’. On top of that, it would all take place in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Now… did Dreamforce steal my marketing heart? Yes it did!

You could not look up or down or right or left without seeing the Salesforce logo in San Fran. More than 170,000 participants from 91 countries wearing a light blue trailblazer lanyard, easily getting 10,000 steps going from one conference room to the other with the help of more than 1,700 people showing you the right direction with their branded signposts. More than 2,500 sessions on different Salesforce products, customer success stories… topped with a truly inspirational interview with Michelle Obama.

So without a doubt it can be called an exciting 360° experience.

The Pardot 2018 Roadmap

Of course my employer wasn’t only sending me to San Francisco for the Dreamforce experience, I came back with some key learnings as well. From a marketing content perspective I was very excited to see all the new goodies the Pardot roadmap has to offer.

1. Custom Attribution Model

Knowing which marketing campaign has an impact on your sales opportunities is already possible with Campaign Influence. In the future it will be possible to create your own custom attribution model.

2. Chatter

Are comments on e-mail templates or forms going back and forth in your inbox? No longer needed because the chatter functionality will become available for all your assets.

3. Search

Little by little, Pardot will be integrated in Salesforce. A nice example of this is the use of the general Salesforce search button which will also show your Pardot assets.

4. Einstein Lead Scoring

In Pardot the main objective is to pass on the most interesting leads to sales. But what is the most interesting lead? Let the intelligence guide you by finding the leads most likely to convert with the Einstein Lead Scoring.

5. New in Engagement Studio

Last year, when Engagement Studio became available, it helped each marketer to build multiple customer journeys. Clearly, Salesforce will further build on this. They announced multiple new functionalities: pushing personalised ads on e.g. Facebook, scheduling a date for your e-mail, allowing prospects to pass the program more than once, …

6. New Variable Tags

In marketing it’s all about personalisation. Variable tags are a nice feature to personalise your emails. In the future, having more CRM data available besides account or contact data will help you accomplish this task even better.

7. Campaign alignment

How confusing has it been to have two separate definitions of campaigns in both Pardot and Salesforce? Not to mention the lack of reporting this caused! These days are over: the Salesforce campaign will become the master and you can align each Pardot campaign with it. This opens the door to one unified list of marketing campaigns. Data on the amount of form submissions will be available at the Salesforce side. Can you imagine what this will offer in terms of reporting possibilities? In combination with Salesforce, campaign hierarchy also reports on channel effectiveness, most valuable content and prospect status. To prepare for this, you can already start mirroring your current Pardot and Salesforce campaigns.

Bonus round: a cooperation with Google was announced… I’m already looking forward to seeing how this will help each marketer decide on the effectiveness of their campaigns.

We still have to wait on the announcement of the release dates, but I’m already holding tight to my calendar in my left hand and a big red marker in my right hand! For those who are as eager as me, a Pilot was made available one week prior to the conference. So just apply by clicking here.

Also want to learn how to deliver intelligent B2B communication with Pardot? Or do you want to bring your Pardot to the next level? Don’t hesitate to ask for our help!

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