Campaign Champagne

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In marketing, we are all beautiful, we work a 20 hour week, wear Prada and drink champagne for breakfast. I think that’s the image that is often portrayed, I’ve met some marketing Diva’s over the years (mostly men) but in the main, this isn’t the colourful reality for most of us hard working marketers.

I’ve seen it time and time again that our friends in sales get the lion share of the Moët & Chandon when a deal closes. Poo. “Come on Sales, give me a sip of the bubbles” I hear marketers say often.

Well today, in using the world’s most comprehensive B2B marketing automation system (Pardot) we can track and attribute all marketing’s hard work, right through to the sale, bringing us closer to those golden bubbles and a decent chunk of the recognition. Even better, we can also predict the best (most useful) content for prospects and customers that helps them on their journey toward a sale. Amazing.

For a while, we have had great engagement data on emails and other assets in Pardot, but the reporting didn’t match the great reporting from other Salesforce clouds. Then in 2019 this all changed. There are now many many places to tie up your marketing with opportunities that then lead to sales

In using Pardot you need to be aware of B2B marketing analytics and Einstien - keep a close eye on these, as there is much goodness in these products for the future. But before you get to putting these things in place there are a few steps that you need to clear with your marketing people, one of which is campaign influence - or “what weight do you give to campaigns in contributing to an opportunity. Today you can implement this in one of two ways:

  1. Campaign Influence 1.0 (AKA Salesforce Influence Model) – the default attribution model. Contacts in your campaigns are glued to opportunities (via the contact role listed on the opportunity) without this glue, you can’t link an opportunity to a campaign member and therefore carry out attribution.

  2. Customisable Campaign Influence – for multi-touch attribution, you can decide if its first touch, last touch or even touch that has influence opportunities.

  3. Ok, I never mentioned a third option, but it’s coming, it’s huge and Einstien AI has a lot to do with it.

If you haven’t got campaign influence elements running, then you are in for a treat! In turning it on, you open up a tsunami of insights - I’m going to hold your hand on getting you some campaign champagne, I’m going to break it down - so brace yourself!

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