4C Reading List: Book recommendations from 4C’s Trailblazers

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In an increasing digital age, with a torrent of media from multiple platforms to digest in any given spare moment, you may have found that your attention span for picking up a book and sticking to it has decreased of late!

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But there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of reading the last page of a book which has made an impact on you. Maybe it has given you valuable insight into what makes a great leader or provided you with inspiration to become the best version of yourself. Or maybe it simply served to transport you to another world for a while, providing a much needed escape. Reading has a significant number of benefits, including improved focus and concentration, stress reduction, vocabulary expansion and improved writing skills and last but by no means least, improved knowledge.

We asked employees in our London office to provide their book recommendations on the subject of personal and professional development. The responses cover a diverse range of topics such as business, leadership, finance, adventure/mountaineering and personal change. We hope this inspires you to get back to reading and #NeverStopLearning!





Personal Change



  • High Fidelity, Nick Hornby
  • Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts - “One of the the best books I’ve ever read! A beautiful story with many twists and turns, taking you through every emotion imaginable. It also gives an insight into the people of India and will inspire you to visit if you haven’t done already. A rare masterpiece!”

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