4C’s Relationship Counselling: See the break-up coming and grab your second chance

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In customer companies, it is all about relationships and commitment. Customers want an experience and service that truly delights them. You might think, nothing lasts forever and at some point, the relationship will end. What would you do, if you had a second chance to prevent that break-up?

With true love comes money

Attracting or acquiring a new partner costs money, time and effort. Before you commit to a relationship, there is an expensive “dating phase” to discover whether this other person fits you well. Once you commit to each other, you start a true relationship where your partner wants to be with you. This means in our business setting: buy products and/or services and buy even more products and/or services. On average, repeat customers are the most profitable ones, so with true love comes revenue.

Saying “I love you” is not enough

Actions speak louder than words. If you want your significant other to feel appreciated, you should show your partner you care. This can mean many things, like buying your love’s favourite chocolate on your way home or cooking his/her favourite dish. Companies can give their customers a promotional offer, an invitation to a special event or send them a newsletter in which he/she is really interested in. Customisation of services and special gifts are only successful when you understand the needs and expectations of the other person. Therefore, you should listen carefully and gather relevant information about your partner to get the full 360° view. The more history you have with your customers, the more you know about their “perfect imperfections” and the better you can answer their needs.

Wanting a break-up doesn’t need to be the end of the relationship

In some stages of your relationship, there might be some doubt or insecurities about the further development of the relationship. Customers might be unhappy and potentially interested in another partner. This doesn’t mean the end of love, it can be the beginning of a deeper love. When you detect a potential break-up, and take this seriously, you can even turn the unhappiest customers in your most loyal customers.

4C helps you to (re)win the heart of your customer

Any partnership, even the good marriages, has bad times. 4C can help you to identify these bad times before the “downs” outnumber the “ups” which can lead to the final stage of wanting a break-up. By mapping your customer journey you can identify what the key touchpoints are in the relationship and which ones could have caused distress

4C can detect customers that are at that final stage of wanting a break-up. Nevertheless, it is not too late to convince them and prevent them from leaving you. With this information, you can grab your second chance. You can learn from this experience and make sure that whatever happened in the first place doesn’t happen again. You can try to solve underlying causes that have led to the potential break-up. Relationships are work in progress and only by taking care of the root, you will live together happily ever after <3 !

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