4C and SpringCM Announce Partnership to Deliver Document Management Solutions to Organisations Across EMEA

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4C is the First EMEA Delivery Partner for SpringCM

4C, Europe’s largest independent Salesforce partner, and SpringCM, the leading document and contract management company, today announced the launch of their official delivery partnership for the EMEA region.

4C have been appointed as the first SpringCM delivery partner in the EMEA region, expanding the reach of SpringCM’s document and contract management platform to businesses across Europe and the Middle East.

Gareth Stephens, 4C UK and Middle East Managing Director, commented on the announcement:

“We’re excited to announce SpringCM as the first key strategic partner across the 4C Group. Demand for contract lifecycle management (CLM) in the cloud has become apparent within our customer base and SpringCM are positioned well above anyone else we met to meet these demands. The addition of SpringCM’s platform to our services portfolio will benefit 4C customers from London to Dubai, with existing customers such as Brady plc already taking advantage of the exciting new partnership.”

“With a pan European and Middle Eastern presence, including offices in London, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Ghent, Mechelen and Dubai, as well as a delivery team of more than 150 consultants, we are well positioned to help SpringCM grow their business through a variety of industries across the EMEA region.”

As part of the partnership, 4C will launch its own in-house SpringCM practice, which will be led by Adam Dessurne, who brings more than five years of cloud technology experience to the role.

Adam Dessurne, 4C’s SpringCM Lead, added:

“As the official SpringCM delivery partner for EMEA, we’re in an unique position to help our customers develop their business using the SpringCM document management platform. Our ambition is to grow 4C’s SpringCM practice significantly over the next 12 - 24 months, adding more projects through our existing customer base, as well as a number of new projects.”

Lawrence Buckler, Area Vice President for SpringCM EMEA, added:

“We at SpringCM are very excited about partnering with 4C to achieve the high growth targets we have for our EMEA expansion. Both SpringCM and 4C are Platinum Salesforce Partners, so the alliance between between our companies is a natural fit. SpringCM is hyper-focused on customer success and we are looking forward to leveraging 4C’s wealth of Salesforce knowledge and experience to help drive success for our new and existing customers.”

For more information, contact:

Will Wiegler, wwiegler@springcm.com, 1-877- 362-7273

Josh Bradley , Josh.bradley@weare4c.com, +44 7400303131

To find out more about SpringCM visit https://www.springcm.com/

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