The Power of Visual Flow @ French Touch Dreamin

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November 17 4C was present at French Touch Dreamin’ with a session about the power of Visual Workflow. You can now check out the slides and video’s provided by Belgium User Group leader Jan Vandevelde.

Visual Workflow is one of the most underrated but most powerful of the Automation Tools Salesforce offers out of the box! With Flow admins can create processes with the same power as Apex triggers and classes but without the coding part.

There are certain benefits of using Visual Workflow:

  • It allows you to create an automated business process using clicks, not code.
  • Visual Workflow does not require coding, and even if you do not know Apex code you can still develop business processes.
  • Using screens, fields, and choices, you can implement complex business processes to make sure that your users are entering data in the right format.
  • Through Visual Workflow, you can manipulate data for certain objects that are not available in Workflow rules. For example, when a “contact role” is created or updated as primary for an opportunity then create a new task.
  • It allows you to automatically submit records for approval.
  • You can post messages on Chatter.

In this presentation, you’ll get to know the ins and outs of Flow explained with real-life day-to-day examples. When you watched the video’s, you’ll want to open up your dev org and create a flow instantly.

May the power of flow be with you…

Watch or download the “Introduction to the Power of Visual Flow” slidedeck

The Power of Visual Flow @ French Touch Dreamin’ from 4C. Video tutorial on “How to replace a campaign member with 2 clicks”

In this video Jan shows you how to build a flow with screen elements to provide users with a simple way to replace a wrongly selected campaign member, with another contact from the same account, with just two clicks.

In this video Jan explains how you can create a calling script to capture feedback on a new service presenting users with questions to ask customers in a professional manner. This use case is also available on Trailhead as an exercise.

In this video you’ll see an example of adding a list of scoping questions onto every newly created opportunity. This demo can easily be used for other use cases in which you would like to add a list of custom records on creation of a record. This is an example of an auto-launched flow, kicked off by Process Builder, for which you would otherwise create an apex trigger.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the presentation and video’s and that you understand that you don’t always have to reside on code to solve complex business requirements. Salesforce offers a lot of out-of-the-box automation features making the life of every admin easier.

Thanks for watching!

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