An apple a day, keeps 4C to stay!

Posté sur by Bert Van De Velde

Last year, we put health as one of the strategic components in the HR plan for 2016. Starting with a one-man (well, in fact, one-woman) idea, the Health plan grew rapidly to an ambitious year plan with an even more ambitious Health team.

By working on two axes, informing and activating, the aim of the Health team is to create a healthier working environment. With a clear focus on food, movement, relaxation and ergonomics we’re creating awareness amongst our employees about the importance of these health topics. A side-effect we wanted to reach, not as a collateral, but as a strategic goal, is the impact on team spirit and cross-BU communication. Need any more reason to put this in your HR-plan? Don’t think so!

Our first real feat as a company was walking to Moscou and back. Come again? During the month of March, we organised our ‘Marche en mars’ and actively tried reaching 10,000 steps per person per day. For once, everyone was trying to be as inefficient as possible and take as many detours as needed just to beat their colleague in number of steps. What people figured out was amazing to read. Well, obviously, this is classified company information, but I do want to share two tips I try to use daily:

  • When going to the supermarket, park as far away as possible from the entrance

  • When vacuuming the house, be as inefficient as possible

When colleagues are going to grab a sandwich together and want to take the elevator, there’s always someone saying: “C’mon, let’s take the stairs!” Even though our office is on the fifth floor, this guilt trip actually works. Did our campaign succeed? Yes, since we even ran three marathons with the 4C team during the Ekiden Run last Saturday! When we’re not busy running marathons, we spend a lot of time behind our laptops. Whether we are crunching numbers or developing platforms, from now on we will do this fully ergonomically. Each desk is now equipped with a screen, docking station and accessories to ban hunched backs and raised shoulders for good. Arrived by bike at the office or going for a run during lunchtime? No problem with our brand new showers!

And tomorrow, October 18, we are launching a new initiative in the office to break with some old (and unhealthy) habits. We will put the coke in a vending machine three stairs away from our work floor and put the fridge full of free healthy drinks: fresh apple juice, apple-cranberry juice and cherry juice. And during lunch, there will be freshly made soup waiting for everyone.

So I hope that next time you visit 4C, you’ll leave our office not only full of inspiration, but also full of vitamins. And do you need more reasons to come and work for us? Come and have an apple-cranberry juice with me, I’ll give you some more reasons.

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