Adapting marketing to the data Tsunami

Posté sur by Tony Spelkens

During the lecture on the Internet of Things (IoT) for Feunig, I kept thinking about all the possibilities out there for marketing with the IoT. The speaker before me had a nice movie (in Dutch) to explain what IoT means. For me the IoT is like a data tsunami coming from sensors, devices and cameras alike that allows you to track almost everything. Just imagine going fishing in that amount of data to create the ultimate customer experience. After a while however my thoughts lingered on the current state of one-to-one marketing.

In digital marketing I already see a lot of marketeers swimming with the current amounts of data, and IoT will add to the global flooding, that’s for sure! How will marketeers ever get a calm blue ocean?

Simple answer: by diving into it.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, as I was in the same auditorium where I followed my first marketing courses more than 13 years ago, I put myself in the place of the students. Student are probably the best audience around because they want to be there, there is no obligation (unless there are extra credits involved, which was not the case). Their interest in the matter made me think why I, as an IT-er, was there 13 years ago (aside for those extra credits).

I myself evolved from stating that “I would never do something with databases” to holding a lecture on how to combine big data for insights to one-to-one marketing for action. And as I changed, so did the marketeers. They no longer (only) chose between the colors of the banners, they are already being creative with data and how it helps in customer journeys. The IoT will only increase their fishing grounds.

One final remark: I hope that “what marketeers do with what they know of their customers” is in line with “how customers want to be treated”. That statement will become more and more true with the almost infinite growing number of devices out there, because you will know more than you should act upon.

If you have difficulties swimming and finding the (fishing)line, come and talk to us!

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