NPS system at Telenet

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Most companies measure a series of customer KPIs such as Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort,… and Net Promoter Score . Most often, however, the key objective of measuring these KPIs, and capturing customer feedback in general, is to generate input for management reports and quality improvement ideation.

Although we are very much in favor of measuring and reporting customer KPIs - it is the only sustainable way to anchor customer experience in the boardroom and guarantuee C-level attention- the actionability of this approach is relatively limited. After all you are looking back in time. If you notice customers being dissatisfied, you can study the reasons for their dissatisfaction and detraction, and you can try to come up with solutions to prevent this from happening again in the future. You will not be able anymore, however, to fix the individual customer cases. That opportunity lies in the past.

What can you do to grow from ‘From Measuring Net Promoter Score’ to ‘Turning Customers into Promoters’? To move from ‘Measuring Customer Satisfaction’ to ‘Satisfying Customers’?

Do you know your promoters and satisfied customers personally? Do you know who they are? Do you know all your detractors and your dissatisfied customers? By name? Do you know when and why they became dissatisfied? Instants after it happened? Telenet for Business, the B2B division of Telenet, does. Why? Thanks to a customer experience feedback system, powered by Clicktools and fully integrated in It allows for continuous measurement of customer satisfaction at key moments in the customer journey, close enough to the actual interaction to allow for remedial actions when needed.

During our breakfast seminar, Telenet for Business and 4C talked about how they approached the design and implementation of an integrated customer experience feedback system.

For more information, please contact Kris Larivière or check out the slides here. How does NPS compare to CES? Download our whitepaper here.

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