6 signs you really need to invest in Salesforce

Posté sur by Selvina Poric

As your business grows, Excel spreadsheets cannot keep up with your company’s aspirations. Customer data has revealed valuable insights about their preferences and buying patterns. Every point of interaction needs to be recorded and fully visible to your employees to ensure customer success.

There is no doubt that Salesforce CRM is a game-changing tool that can help your company keep customer data in order and helps you focus on customer success.

We discuss 6 warning signs it’s time to start using Salesforce and manage customer relationships more effectively

1. You don’t have a single source of data

If you store customer and order information in more than one location, such as spreadsheets and notes, you limit the visibility of your team members interaction with each other’s contacts. Tracking and recording customer interaction in different places using a mixture of methods puts your sales team at a disadvantage – limiting their 360-degree view of your customers. Salesforce can provide access to all valuable information in one central place, enabling all your employees across different departments to have full visibility of customers’ data.

2. Reports are hard to share

Manually generating the reports and analysis of your sales team progress against their quota is a time-consuming task. Very often, this results in no tracking at all. However, Salesforce CRM gathers real-time data in one place which makes it is easy to produce reliable reports, including top sales performers and monthly sales progress.

3. You don’t engage at a 1:1 level with your customers

When you treat all your customers in the same way- you lose important opportunities to upsell. If you don’t meet your customers’ needs, your competitors will.

A CRM system like Salesforce can help you optimise your efforts to engage with prospects and gain their loyalty. It gives you a 360-degree view of your customers, which will empower your sales team to engage with clients in a personal way. They will know which stage in the buying process the customers are in, the relevant demographics and industries and how to target prospects with tailored messages.

4. You don’t have a mobile solution

The new data about your prospects gets recorded when your sales reps are out in the field. Important data is stored on handwritten notes, or in files on personal computers. But your sales reps don’t always transfer their notes and some of the important data can easily get lost.

Salesforce stores your data in one place, and it is mobile optimised. Your data is organised and safe and caters for automated workflows. The CRM system eases the planning and execution of the sales process.

5. You lack visibility of your sales team’s performance

Lacking insight into what your salespeople are doing makes it difficult to set sales goals and keep them accountable for reaching these goals. Not knowing how your salespeople connect with your customers means you can miss opportunities to closing deals. Salesforce CRM can give you visibility of your current deals your sales team may be working on and what stage that deal is in. Salesforce also provides you with a forecast of future sales to identify promising leads and fine tune your sales process.

6. You lack a plan to scale fast

If you worry that your current processes and systems cannot keep up with your business growth, you definitely need a CRM system like Salesforce. By manually entering and analysing data, you slow down the sales process and waste valuable time. Forecasting becomes a problem when your data is not centralised.

Salesforce allows you to scale important data by generating reports that can be easily read by all users. This enables you to plan for future strategic actions. As your sales team, customer base, and revenue grows, you can add more users and collect and store more data without stress.

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