4 ways Heroku will revolutionise your company

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Better apps happen with Heroku

Heroku is developers’ dream. It offers endless tools and add-ons to build and deploy modern apps – all in one unified platform. Heroku speaks your programmatic language and integrates with Salesforce. It is open to any programmatic code and can be easily deployed by all users saving up to 30% of valuable time.

Choose Heroku for the same reasons why disruptive start-ups do: to innovate quickly and scale precisely to meet demand! Heroku has deployed successful apps for small, medium, and large companies, such as Deliveroo, Citrix, DocSend, KFC, Red Robin, Toyota, Thinking Capital, Yunomi, Westfield and many others.

If you are not yet convinced this is a must-have app on your Salesforce…read more! After consulting our build team, we put together 4 ways Heroku can transform your business:

1. Heroku deploys and runs modern apps

It is no secret that the world has gone mobile. Having an app which supports your business requirements can be difficult at times, but luckily, Heroku can help fix that! Heroku makes it easier for employees and partners to build and use Salesforce data in a programmatic manner. It allows you to build customer-based applications with continuous integration in Salesforce. You can deploy apps using your favourite tools and languages such as Node, Ruby, Pytho, Java, Clojure, Scala, Go, and PHP all from the same platform.

“Heroku enhances user engagement and compelling pixel experience.”

2. Heroku boosts operational control

Your organisation’s processes, users and resources are all unified on a single platform allowing your developers integral control. You can sit back and relax as Heroku’s global operations and security team is on duty 24/7 fighting to mitigate any technical and security risks you might encounter!

Build more trust and control using Heroku’s new feature “Private Spaces”:

(i) To keep your data more secure and private in your internal network.

(ii) To enable stable outbound IPs for corporate networks and Cloud services, such as Salesforce.

(iii) To limit app access to users only on trusted networks.

(iv) To build modern apps in the geographic region you prefer. Your Heroku applications securely connect to your on-premises Salesforce system.

“Heroku removes technical and security risks.”

3. Heroku offers easy solutions to high-data volumes

Many Salesforce customers struggle to set up and maintain data replication, especially when they want to separate customer and contact data. With Heroku’s Connect, you don’t have to worry about building a separate platform or disparate third-party tools for large-scale transactions. Heroku Postgres easily integrates large data with Salesforce and externalises customer and contact data for analysis and reporting. The data in Heroku Postgres can be updated in all applications built on Heroku and can be replicated in near-real time back into Salesforce.

“You can unleash your data with Heroku Postgres.”

4. Heroku provides users with countless add-ons and tools

Heroku makes way for developers to add the technologies they need to run their apps quickly and efficiently. Find everything you need for your app, your workflow, and your slack in Heroku Elements Marketplace. Experience the rich, pre-integrated extensions and service collections of 150+ third-party add-ons, 1,000+ open-source buildpacks, and 3,000+ ready-to-deploy buttons. Your apps can easily connect to any data source allowing the use of the latest logging, monitoring, and performance tools.

“Find endless add-ons, buildpacks and tools in the Heroku Elements Marketplace.”

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