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The smartest content platform

Showpad, our top pick of the month, is a powerful content platform which empowers you to gain more control over your marketing content. This application is available to download on Salesforce AppExchange and allows your business to find, present, share and measure your content and get your sales and marketing teams working better together.

Why do we like Showpad?

Showpad is one of our favourite Salesforce apps for its many benefits. Showpad works smarter, allowing us to save 70% of the time spent on writing new content, by picking up the content which is most influential in our buyer journey.

With the Showpad in-depth content analytics, our marketing team supports our sales team in each step of the buying cycle with the most effective content for a specific sales situation.

Instead of having our sales reps spending hours on collecting data from a multitude of sources, including Salesforce, Pardot, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., Showpad helps our sales people spend more time with our prospects.

The new Showpad Analytics tool helps our Sales Manager to quickly look through the overall trends for his department to identify the level of engagement of the team with customers.

For example, in the chart below, our Sales Manager can see that the total number of user sessions on the app boosted considerably in the last weeks, meaning that the user productivity has increased.

How Will Showpad Benefit Your Business?

1. Maximise your investment

Showpad does not only equip your sales team with context specific content, but it allows you to measure the impact of each asset. More than 25% of annual budget in B2B marketing organisations are spent on the development and promotion of content.

Showpad makes the most of your budget by optimising the content which is most frequently viewed and shared. This way, you can invest in programs that work.

2. Improve your customer relationship

Quick access to the right information enables your sales team to excel in delivering value at each step of the customer journey. By identifying the most engaged customers, you’ll advance customer conversations and provide contextual solutions.

60% of the buying process takes place before the sales representative even meets with the customer. Showpad empowers you to build valuable relationships with your customer from the very first stage of customer interaction.

3. Align marketing and sales

Showpad is the solution for building the communication gap between marketing and sales. The messaging and marketing content is available on a single platform and the sales team can effortlessly share this knowledge with prospects. With this integration, companies can eliminate wasteful marketing and selling habits and focus on buyer’s main interests.

Showpad enables your company to close more deals, faster. Everybody wins.

Here is a quick video on how Showpad improves your content experience:

“With Showpad’s integration we reduce the time spent logging meeting notes into a CRM. This ensures sales and marketing teams are aligned for closer collaboration, while at the same time increasing sales productivity and providing insightful and powerful analytics into the state of any prospect deal.” Pieterjan Bouten, Showpad co-CEO and co-Founder

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