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Understand your customers better and improve your targeting efforts

Knowing your customers starts with understanding who they are and what their needs, desires and habits look like. Creating segments will allow you to finetune your content towards your customers to make it as relevant as possible. Targetting your product or service towards more favourable groups of customers allows to personalise more and better.

By adding a layer of persona design, the segments aren’t restrained to numbers and statistics, but they are given a face. They will come alive in your organisation and your business people will be able to capture the entire picture of who the customer really is. This enables you to communicate better and more relevant with current and future clients.

Within Wipro, we are experienced in

  • Customer Segmentation:
    Identify groups of customers with similar preferences and behaviour.
  • Customer Profiling & Persona Design:
    Get to know your customers better by describing their types and personas

Why work with Wipro?

  • At Wipro we are doing Customer Relationship Management consulting and data science right from the start. We have been helping businesses become customer-focused for over 20 years. And we are still doing it today because it’s what we do best.
  • A large team of passionate data scientists to guide your company to jump on the AI train
  • Huge breadth of project experience and data expertise
  • An overall customer satisfaction rating of 9.13/10
  • A dedicated Project Manager backed by a capable team with a myriad of strengths in business challenge understanding and data science
Hendrick Hogie

Hendrick Hogie

Marketing Automation Consultant

“1-to-1 personalised marketing is the key to driving true customer engagement. Crucial tools like segmentation and persona design allow you to create your own personalised messages at a small cost and a feasible level of complexity.”

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