Optimise Marketing Investments to Maximise B2B Lead Gen, Pipeline, and Revenue with Datorama

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Tying marketing investments and performance to sales and purchase outcomes may sound simple in theory, but as all B2B marketers know it can be extremely difficult to do in practice. The disconnect between media and CRM data is making it hard to analyse performance across the funnel. Due to this limited visibility, marketers are often left expending time and bandwidth manually connecting marketing and sales data, which then limits the time they have each day, week, or month to actually analyse data, optimise campaigns, or reallocate media spend to maximise sales or ROI.

With Datorama, clients can bypass all the heavy lifting of compiling data sets and creating a single source of truth. We’re able to make data connections across the entire purchase funnel, for one, consistent view. We automate the once error prone, manual reporting process, which allows marketers to act on real time insights and optimise spend and campaigns.

During this webinar we share insights on how to:

  • Build transparency throughout the purchase funnel by gaining a unified view of each journey stage, connecting top & bottom of funnel data and measuring MQLs and SQLs
  • Accelerate speed to insight by eliminating manual reporting, identifying highest and lowest performers and tracking channel, industry, & regional trends
  • Optimise marketing investments to drive growth by optimising spend for leads & opportunities, targeting the right accounts to drive leads and prioritising accounts/marketing for full impact

Watch the Webinar