Doing Better Business: Unifying Sales and Finance with an Aligned Pricing Process

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This webinar explores the challenges associated to the consistent application of pricing within the sales process. Differing price processes, data silos and competing KPI’s often cause friction, that can impact productivity and customer experience. However when Sales and Finance align on how products should be priced, it makes for a consistent, efficient and streamlined quoting process.

With a live demo of the solution in action, this webinar will share actionable insights on how to:

  • Simplify selling through centralised price management
  • Address pricing challenges in areas such as price complexity, visibility, optimisation, and those invoked by the increasing shift to recurring revenue models
  • Automate complex price books, calculations and pro-rations
  • Employ discounting and approval controls to govern pricing activities
  • Manage contract/volume/region/promotion based variations

We will also share best-practices on how best to approach pricing for both short and long term success, and illustrate how to effectively manage associated internal process and technology change.

Watch the Webinar