Why do companies in Dubai and the UAE need a CRM platform?

Whether you’re an established real estate enterprise in Dubai or a manufacturing startup in Abu-Dhabi, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But what does it actually mean for businesses and why are companies across the UAE now adopting cloud-based CRM systems.

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Why do I need a CRM platform?

As one of Dubai’s leading software implementation companies, we’re often asked, why do I need a CRM platform for my business? Using this ebook, we aim to answer that question and educate you on why having a high quality, effective CRM system such as Salesforce in place at your organisation is vital for current and future business success.

This ebook highlights:


What is a CRM and how are other companies in the UAE are using the technology?


The benefits of and 4 key reasons that companies across the UAE need a CRM platform


How the right Customer Relationship Management system can improve your business

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