Partnering with SmartFocus to help them on their digital transformation journey

SmartFocus are a leader in omni-channel marketing. Their solution helps turn customer data into powerful, personalised campaigns that convert browsers into buyers, and turn buyers into loyal customers. Working with companies such as Selfridges, Mercedes-Benz and French Connection they enable global brands to execute millions of data driven campaigns and billions of personalised interactions each year connecting customers via email, mobile, social, web and other channels.

The Challenge

SmartFocus had many business issues. They had a very over customised Salesforce. In order to go from quote-to-cash they had to go across three different platforms, which led to siloed teams across the business. Due to the complexity of the system and processes, internal teams instead decided to just work away from the CRM system and use their own spreadsheets to manage data. This led to communication and data quality issues as key information was stored all over the place and really understanding where they were with client contracts was a huge issue and having detrimental business impact.

The Solutions

Complete Digital Transformation

SmartFocus went through a complete digital transformation, they changed everything. They implemented a whole new version of Salesforce. They wanted to go with out of the box technology and to standardise their processes. In order to do this they wanted to use the leading tools on the market, that already had many of the processes built in, so Salesforce was the obvious solution for them. Salesforce CPQ specifically, for their quote-to-cash transformation. With Salesforce CPQ’s guided selling, the team at SmartFocus feel better equipped to provide their customers with the best solution packages for them.

This transformation journey has been all about being able to automate processes. Forecasting and financial reporting is now 100% automated. From billing through to revenue recognition, Salesforce CPQ has transformed how SmartFocus are looking at numbers.

One Centralised System

Since moving everything onto one centralised system on the Salesforce platform, cross team working has dramatically improved. The whole business now has better access to data which has led to sales cycles becoming shorter. Teams are having the right conversations about how they can use all the data they now have to make smarter, data driven decisions on how they can improve internal processes and most importantly how they can improve the experience they are delivering to their customers.

Another major benefit they have seen since the system has gone live is teamwork, collaboration and understanding where they are in the customer life cycle. SmartFocus have better visibility into contract renewals, the customers they need to communicate with and customers that are at risk of churn. They are now using data to drive action.

Salesforce Managed Service

SmartFocus used to have a big internal operations team but since moving to the new Salesforce platform, they have reduced this to just one individual and they have outsourced their day to day Salesforce management to Wipro’s Managed Service team. SmartFocus never thought they would be able to be so light on their admin and requirement needs but because the processes are a lot more streamlined now they can work with a third party to help them manage the platform. Wipro have now become an extended part of the SmartFocus team.

“Wipro were fantastic, from the beginning. They are strong communicators, collaborated very well with internal teams and the other partners we were working with on this project. They communicated weekly with us and they really became part of the team within the business and everyone got to know them quite well.”

Aishling Finnegan, Operations Director, SmartFocus

The Results


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