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Safmarine is a multi-trade shipping company who provide containerised transport services to and from their core regions of Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. Safmarine’s legacy CRM system was mainly used as a data repository, requiring regular data entry by the sales executives and providing customer data at a snapshot. Sales people were questioning the added value of the CRM tool, since it did not effectively support the sales processes. In some cases, people had to be forced to enter information in it. Eventually, most sales people stopped using the CRM system effectively. For this reason, Safmarine approached Wipro and Salesforce.


The Challenge

Safmarine approached Wipro to help them:

  1. Implement a CRM where the focus would be on the customer and on 360° visibility
  2. Sending multi-lingual quotes to customers, allowing for personalization but based on one global template
  3. Automatic matching of opportunities and quotes sent to customers with bookings, so that opportunity stages can be updated automatically and the sales executive does not have to do this manually
  4. Finding back similar quotes gaining more transparency of pricing approaches across the various offices
  5. Quoting different cargo types in an efficient and uniform way
  6. Outsourcing certain administrative steps in the sales process
  7. Implement reports and dashboards that give both global and local sales management visibility over KPI’s

The Solutions

Phase 1

Wipro started by assisting Safmarine in the analysis of the as-is and the to-be global sales processes. Wipro implemented Salesforce and accompanied Safmarine Global Sales in their transformation project. The implementation of Sales Cloud, together with streamlined and harmonised sales process, allowed the sales team to focus more on the customers and their needs, and less on administrative overhead.

Phase 2

After the successful go live of this pilot, Safmarine and Wipro continued to work together to improve and add functionality to the pilot implementation, preparing for a global world-wide roll-out in 140 countries, to 800 users. After the global roll-out, we continued to improve by adding functionalities based on the users’ feedback –working very closely together with the Safmarine global sales team and the superusers to ensure a perfect alignment between sales processes, user adoption and the CRM. These additional improvements were released in relatively short release cycles of approximately 1 to 2 months. These short cycles ensured that users would quickly see the results of their input, but at the same time they still had time to digest the changes. Also Safmarine would be able to organize support and training around those releases.


Sales Excellence: Harmonization and partial automation of global sales processes, resulting in time gain and reporting on KPI’s

Customer Interaction: Fast, consistent and clear answers to requests for quotes, at the same time keeping the focus on the personalized approach Safmarine has with its customers

Customer Insight Management: Key Account Management, Account Planning Business-IT alignment: Deliver a solid, integrated solution that fits the needs of the user through an agile user-driven implementation methodology with prototyping driving user adoption

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