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The Low Down


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Lendlease is a leading international property and infrastructure group with operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The European residential group is confronted by changing markets, new international competitors and an ever increasing need for digitisation. To face these challenges head-on Lendlease has decided to make the shift from a sole product focused company towards a customer-obsessed company. The customer perspective will be the silver lining throughout their entire digital transformation and all future innovation projects.


The Challenge

The real estate industry is a rapidly changing market with new sales trends popping up (use of virtual or augmented reality) and ever increasing competition for space and customers. The golden age in which developers could just design a building and be sure to sell the units are over. This change has led to a shift the way they do business. For Lendlease this means putting the customer at the heart of the organisation and striving for top quality customer service.

Breaking through historically-grown processes and internally oriented tasks was a key challenge, as none of these took the customer’s specific situation and context into account. This had resulted in a disparity between the customer needs during their entire journey, from buy to build and eventually live in and the service offering of Lendlease.

The Solutions

Customer Company Roadmap

The initial step in helping Lendlease make the transformation into a customer company was the rollout of a Customer Company Roadmap. This involved understanding what frameworks Lendlease had in place, what they were missing and then deciding what quick wins could be implemented as well prioritising structural improment opportunities. We conducted a number of interviews with staff, focus groups and workshops that allowed us to get a total understnading of just how customer centric Lendlease were. A total of 30+ hours were spent talking to staff about the business, its direction, strengths and weaknesses, as well as looking at companies outside of the real estate sector who we considered to be a customer centric companies.

Customer centric focus

Once we had finished establishing a baseline and getting a 360 degree understanding of who Lendlease were as a business, we started working on a tangible output that would help galvanize their journey towards becoming a customer centric company. A number of strategic documents have been produced to help roadmap activities across the company and support management strategy and vision on becoming a more customer centric company.

“Wipro are a great team to work with, they have brought focus to what were are doing and have really challenged us to think outside of the box. If we had done this project the LendLease way, we would have ended up with a LendLease answer, but by bringing in Wipro we have ended up with a customer centric answer.”

Richard Cook, Head of Residential, Lendlease

The Results


touchpoint improvement opportunities including a number of quick-wins to start improving customer experience

2-3 Year

management alignment on the Customer Company roadmap


and increased awareness on the effect of customer experience on the business

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