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FairWeather Golf

Keeping customers out of the bunker with Salesforce

The Low Down

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FairWeather Golf approached us with the need to set up a simple but flexible booking website on top of their Salesforce implementation so they could easily manage capacity and bookings amongst other aspects of their business.


The Challenge

The staff of FairWeather Golf used to sit eagerly awaiting calls with a calendar by their side. They spent lots of time sorting and manually recording each individual booking, invoicing, creating confirmation emails and taking customer calls. It was an exceptionally inefficient system. After Wipro delivered a quick prototype of how an online booking system could look and function they liked the idea so much that they gave us the green light to deliver a new automated system using the SFDC platform.

The Solutions

Bespoke booking system

This booking, scheduling and reservation solution allows customers to purchase multiple services using its cart functionality and either book now or book later, freeing up time for employees to spend on other important tasks. For example, they won’t be stuck on the phone taking bookings all day and have more time to attend to customer service. FairWeather Golf are able to easily change what is shown on the website and report on what equipment or trainers have already been booked - never having to deal with the stressful and embarrassing problem of double bookings again. Bookings are scheduled and completed in real-time, meaning that once a space has gone, it cannot be booked again.

Taking bookings online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The booking system is integrated with a payment gateway giving customers the opportunity to make their bookings at any time of day or night (depending on what’s most convenient for them) increasing in bookings and adding extra revenue by upselling other services to customers during the booking process. Furthermore, the booking process supports discount codes that can be easily managed from Salesforce.

“We previously used spreadsheets to keep track of all our incoming bookings and took bookings over the phone. Allowing our customers to book their sessions, custom fittings, professional lessons and equipment hire online has streamlined the whole booking process and saved many man hours.”

Nate Weidner, General Manager & Director of Instruction, FairWeather Golf

The Results


Increase in new and reoccurring business through up-selling during the booking process.


Increase in customer buying experience, citing convenience as the main factor.

12 min

Reduction in booking time for staff when handling, managing and confirming bookings.

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