From startup to stardom with Salesforce

The Low Down


Enclothed, an online clothing delivery service for men, have taken the clothing delivery market by storm following their appearance on the BBC’s Dragons Den back in 2014. An ‘online personal stylist’ for fashion, the London-based business allows users to create a profile, complete a questionnaire and a team of stylists then handpick a box of clothes which are delivered free of charge, with you only paying for what you keep.


The Challenge

Armed with an Excel spreadsheet and a team of stylists, Enclothed were tackling a rapidly growing customer base which was proving hugely inefficient for their business model. Wipro were challenged to come up with a variety of Salesforce solutions that would help them:

  1. Improve efficiency of stylists selection clothes for boxes
  2. Better manage their stock, by knowing how much to hold and what their best selling products were.
  3. Track boxes that are out for delivery or with a customer and ensuring that full payment is received on unreturned items.

The Solutions

Custom stylists shop

The stylist’s shop is a specially designed Salesforce app that allows Enclothed’s stylists to be more efficient, by providing them with a visually appealing and easy to use interface when selecting the products to fulfill an order.

Advanced reporting suite

Using Salesforce, we created an advanced reporting function to show:

  1. Which products were Enclothed’s best sellers.
  2. How much money each customer was spending per box.
  3. The percentage of items the average customer keeps.
  4. The total value of products that are out with customers at any given moment in time.

“Wipro and Salesforce increased our efficiency by 97% which helped us boost our revenue by 20%. We are thrilled with the solution they provided.”

Dana Zingher, CEO and Co-Founder, Enclothed

The Results


Increase in the numbers of boxes stylists could handle.


Increase in operational efficiency across the business.


Uplift in business revenue vs previous financial year.

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