The top 10 Salesforce apps in 2019

Posted On by Stephanie Kroon

Salesforce is among the top platforms for businesses looking to scale up by enhancing the efficiency of their operations. It is a highly customisable platform with the versatility to deliver on all sorts of areas for users. In addition to its standard functionalities, Salesforce’s capabilities can be easily extended by incorporating the appropriate Salesforce AppExchange apps. These extensions can enhance the core software’s capabilities for various purposes and are simple to add. Here are the top 10 Salesforce apps for users to deploy in 2019.

  1. Docusign: the powerful contact management tool

This is a tool for sending, signing and tracking agreements or approvals of any organisation. It allows you to do this from any location, at any time, using any device, making it a valuable and convenient tool to have at your disposal.

  1. Cirrus Insight: a sophisticated data integration tool

This application allows users to edit and synchronise a wide range of other functions with Salesforce. This includes contacts, events and activities, allowing you to manage everything from a single location.

  1. Conga Composer: a handy document generator tool

This app helps take some of the hard work out of operations by creating documents with a single click. The documents it generates are consistent and on-brand, so you can get them done and focus on your business.

  1. DialSource: enhancing customer service

DialSource is a telephony service created for native Salesforce functionality. It is equipped with multiple dialer modes, detailed analytics, post-call automation and call blends for inbound/outbound calls.

  1. io for Quip: a comprehensive marketing solution

Simplifies your marketing efforts with an intuitive user interface, drag and drop content creation and much more to enable you to produce and publish marketing content easily and efficiently.

  1. FF-Secure Cloud Protection: a tool for IT management

This is an innovative solution that combines antivirus and analytics features for files and URLs. It is a helpful tool for compliance with things like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and FedRAMP.

  1. MapAnything: geolocation made simple

This tool gives you map geo-visualisation of all Salesforce data. It also provides sophisticated navigation and route optimisation, along with great features like territory management.

  1. Salesforce Adoption Dashboards: a tool for admins and developers

This tool enables you to view relevant data that is helpful for the work of admins and developers. This includes user login history, adoption of critical sales/marketing productivity enhancers, and adoption of certain Salesforce features.

  1. SUMO Scheduler: a tool to enhance productivity

This Online Appointment Scheduling solution will help users make the most of their time. It is built 100% on Salesforce, so it works flawlessly and integrates with the software as if it were part of the original programme.

  1. ZynBit: for synchronising your email and calendar

By facilitating Salesforce integration for Inbox Email and calendar synchronisation, this tool brings your tasks, contacts and messages into the Salesforce platform, as well as providing a handy Calendar Scheduling Assistant and more.

These are the highest-ranking Salesforce apps on the AppExchange to help businesses enhance and optimise the functionalities of the core software. Getting the most out of Salesforce means tailoring it to suit your business, so be sure to incorporate the extensions that will work best for you.