Supporting manufacturers in their journey to reopening

Posted On by Russell Newman

2020 has been an unprecedented year of challenges for businesses of all sizes across every industry. These challenges look to continue in to the second half of the year as businesses move to re-open safely. This is going to require organisations to change how they approach employee safety, shift management, space layouts and customer engagement to name a few things. As businesses grapple with these challenges we are working to get ahead of the curve on how technology and in particular Salesforce can be used as an enabler to facilitate these changes whilst creating a single source of truth for all employee data and providing all the insights that business leaders need to navigate their re-opening in the best way possible.

How manufacturers narrow the gap
The core theme of the challenge is distance. In some cases this is physical distance. How do you reopen production lines whilst maintaining social distancing for your employees when historically an average of 0.6 m intervals separate human operators or how do auto-dealers sell cars without customers being able to take a test drive? In other cases the challenge is digital distance. How can customers, dealers and brands integrate data more seamlessly to deliver that omni-channel experience that is now expected.

According to Forbes, manufacturing will experience five years worth of innovation in the next 18 months. Manufacturers who make the jump from legacy on premise systems to the cloud will start to unlock the potential in AI, leverage automation and select tools that can be implemented and running in days and weeks not months. This will set them ahead of the competition and these decisions will reap benefits long after COVID-19 passes.

What’s next?
Employee and customer safety needs to be at the heart of your decision making process. How do you re-open your factories and sites safely?

Last week Salesforce announced – a new set of technology solutions and resources to help businesses restart safely, re-skill employees and respond efficiently on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal: help businesses of any size re-open as quickly as possible, while helping keep employees, customers and partners safe and informed.

How can help?

#1: Creating a single source of truth for getting back to work
Business leaders can utilise an at-a-glance command centre with real-time data, with in-built collaboration tools to action the insights they find. In one place, executives and managers can see employee wellness (by location), manage shift scheduling, view relevant real time third party data on the spread of COVID-19 and create additional customisations by integrating additional data sources such as marketing automation platforms, apps and/or e-signature platforms.

#2: Shift management & planning
As facilities reopen, it’s key to ensure they stay open. Adapting your approach to shift management will be critical to this. Team leaders can model their workplace site capacities and stagger arrival times to ensure proper distancing. This can be used in conjunction with data from the wellness survey to ensure that employees who need to be in the office have the safest possible experience whilst there. Employees can then receive automated schedule notifications via the mobile app, and be notified with specific arrival windows to ensure they feel safe and secure.

#3: Contact tracing
Employee safety is the number one priority. Business leaders can quickly, privately and safely contact any other employees that may have come in to contact with any employee that has tested positive for COVID-19. This means that the businesses can quickly isolate employees and schedule cleaning the affected area. Custom apps can be spun up to link with facility management to automate the process of alerting facility management teams and feed this data back in to their command centre, alongside progress of their now more regular cleaning routines.

#4: Accelerating growth post COVID-19
Once the move to the cloud has been made this provides the platform to unlock further accelerations in automation, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and smart devices to name but a few things. All these capabilities will help manufacturers thrive in a new normal, post COVID-19 world.

How can 4C help?
As one of only a handful of Salesforce implementation partners to be enabled on how to implement ahead of it’s launch on June 1st. We are able to help customers understand how it can help them in line with their specific needs and get back to work, re-opening safely. We will work alongside your organisation to implement the platform efficiently and effectively so the benefits can be realised as quickly as possible. If you are interested in learning more please get in touch with us.