How Salesforce Lightning Can Improve Your Business

Posted On by Stephanie Kroon

Salesforce has recently announced its latest feature; Salesforce Lightning, and it is brimming with new and exciting features which can improve your business. The game-changing new tools are here to help your sales team close more deals, whilst also increasing productivity and performance throughout your business.

New features

One of the biggest new features is a change in format; the new and easy-to-navigate interface is sleek and modern, and all Salesforce users have a consistent experience across every device. So whether your team uses tablets, laptops, or they work primarily from their mobile phones, the new interface is compatible across all devices.

Another interesting tool which has now been introduced is that the homepage is customisable. This allows each individual member of the team to organise and arrange their homepage to a way which best suits them. It makes seeing overdue tasks much easier, allows for tasks to be organised by time and date, and shows all tasks which have been assigned. By introducing customisation, this allows all employees to see what they want, and to prioritise their workload, thereby increasing productivity.

It has also never been easier to look across multiple calendars within a matter of seconds. Whether it be for checking availability, or booking an appointment, checking the schedules of multiple people at one time has never been faster. This means that more attention and time can be put into securing deals, rather than focusing on slow and impractical systems.

A better Salesforce Lightning experience

With the introduction of drag-and-drop status changes, noting each step within the sales journey has been simplified, helping employees understand what each stage an opportunity is at, as well as providing a better understanding of their KPIs. This tool can also be used within training, as new and existing employees can look back on previous deals and identify at which stage the deal is either lost or secured. This will then prevent employees from falling into the same trap, and will help enhance their sales abilities, boosting sales and productivity statistics.

The new Salesforce Lightning system has made it easy and simple to clean up any duplicate information, meaning that employees spend less time thinking about the quality of their data or apologising to a client who has already been contacted, and more time can be spent on the phone getting sales. With the option to remove duplicate information, as well as the tool to merge it with an existing lead, this will ensure that all the data used by sales consultants is of a high quality. High-quality data means high-quality sales.

Salesforce Einstein is included

In addition to all the aforementioned features, Salesforce Lightning comes with Salesforce Einstein, an artificial intelligence tool that is powered by “advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery”, according to Salesforce. Put simply, this means that the more Salesforce is used, the more Einstein will learn. This knowledge is then applied to discover customer insights, recommend next steps, predict possible outcomes, and even automate tasks. This thereby increases the quality of leads, and increases the productivity of the sales team.

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