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Posted On by Shani Naik is a brand new suite of Salesforce applications - leveraging and repurposing existing solutions, and creating other features from the ground up - in order to support organisations across all walks of life in reopening their workplaces and communities safely. These were developed with incredible speed and agility (which is representative of building on the Salesforce platform in itself) and are now generally available since June 1st 2020.

Whilst the inception of was a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we should look at this as a ‘crisis agnostic’ solution which will support organisations in keeping their employees health and wellbeing at the top of the priorities list, and support business continuity.

In addition to these apps, Salesforce’s Product Development teams have done some work in the background to update the core Data Model to support the concept of Individuals and Employees within the CRM.

  • An Individual record (in this context) will represent a person (employee) within the system which holds data privacy and protection preferences.
  • An Employee record represents someone within a company or organisation, and stores minimal and need-to-know information about them. This will include the Current Wellness Status, pre-loaded with values including; Available to Work, Remote Work Only, Unavailable, Unknown (default). is built on the Salesforce Platform and consists of multiple different applications including:

Employee Wellness
Leveraging Salesforce Surveys, HR Teams can send Employee Wellness Surveys (fully customisable, with 3 pre-built surveys out of the box) to request wellness updates from employees. This can be sent on an individual basis, by business units and departments, as well as by business locations / floors / workspaces. Upon Employee responses, the platform can leverage standard Salesforce automations and workflows to trigger tasks alerts and tasks for those symptomatic, as well as set the Wellness Status of those employees who are showing no symptoms as ‘Available to Work’.

Employee wellness

Shift Management
Shift Management comprises from modules of the Salesforce Field Service Lightning product offering. Enabling executives and operations managers to monitor facilities not just by locations, but by sub-locations, such as floors of a building (i.e. Building > Floor > Space). This app is the underpinning engine which will guide employees back to work safely by considering staggered shift patterns, capacity limitations, workplace coverage with sufficient distance all to confidently and quickly reopen, whilst maximising visibility of capacity and minimising risk of a second closure. This wouldn’t be possible without input from employees however, which is why the Salesforce have enhanced their existing Salesforce1 Mobile App in order to be the communications hub with employees. Employees can set their availability, view and confirm shifts in the Salesforce mobile app, and receive notifications about their work schedules. These measures help create appropriate social distancing at your work site, so that employees can feel safe and secure.

Shift management

myTrailhead for Learning & Wellness
With myTrailhead, you can give your employees all the info they need to get back to work and stay healthy. With Trail Tracker and Trail Tracker for, you can keep tabs on the badge completion trends at specific workplace locations and across your whole company. And with that information, you can decide when it’s time to reopen for business.

MyTrailhead 1png MyTrailhead2

Contact Tracing for Employees
With Contact Tracing for Employees, your company can manage the manual contact tracing process and track the spread of disease while caring for your employees. Tracing and contacting people who were possibly exposed to an infected person is one of the most efficient ways to fight widespread community infection. Tracers pick up tasks to evaluate employees, gather details about potentially exposed contacts, and enroll employees in care programs. You have the employee’s status, a map of exposed contacts, and information on the person’s condition consolidated in one place. The Contact Tracing Graph gives you a comprehensive view of employees and external contacts so that you can trace infection by people, places, or events. Follow up, assessment, and triage can happen without having to leave the console.

Image (2)

Volunteer and Grants Management
Help organisations fulfill their relief goals with flexible, scalable tools that streamline volunteer coordination and grant-making processes. Now any organization will be able to achieve mission success by matching the right volunteers to events and automating the grants lifecycle for greater impact. A key emphasis of this offering is the digital first approach, minimising physical contact whilst fulfilling your activities as the common theme of

Emergency Response Management
ERM is suite of products built in collaboration with Accenture that allows public health organisations, government agencies and the private sector to manage all types of emergencies, deliver care to those affected and allocate resources and services quickly. Public health institutions can protect communities from widespread impacts by enabling contact tracers to effectively record and understand data; quickly triage and evaluate patients; and provide ongoing engagement and monitoring. Government agencies can streamline emergency response operations and approvals, deploy resources and schedule emergency services.

Workplace Command Center
It wouldn’t be right to talk about the power of the command centre without making you aware of the breadth of data that will be powering to it. The Workplace Command Center is your company’s operations hub as you begin to reopen after a major event, like COVID-19. Monitor your facilities and make informed decisions to return your employees to their workplaces safely.

Workplace command centre

1. See the readiness status of each of your work sites
2. View the return-to-work readiness of your employees, both globally and per work site
3. Coordinate, automate, and scale emergency-response and recovery-management workflows
4. Set up custom work shifts that correlate with your current occupancy limits
5. Streamline communications with your employees during back-to-work stages
6. Review public sector and government data that can affect your back-to-work plan, and that you can use to trigger recovery-management workflows
7. Integrate any data critical to your business through custom widgets

In addition to all the above data within your org, you’ll have the power to couple this information with the Global COVID Tracker (Powered by Tableau).

Mulesoft can also be included within the offering to allow organisations to connect their HR Platform and Employee Data directly with, in order to not only keep different sources of Employee Data up to date and retain the single source of truth, but also to surface further important information in the Workplace Command Centre which may not be available in your Salesforce org, for example; staff on Annual Leave or currently unavailable due to Furlough.

Enhancing with the AppExchange
There are many Salesforce ISV Partners building out additional solutions to enhance the platform all of which can be found on the AppExchange.

How can 4C help?
We are able to help customers understand how can help them in line with their specific needs. We will work alongside your organisation to implement the platform efficiently and effectively so the benefits can be realised as quickly as possible. If you are interested in learning more and getting a free readiness assessment on your return-to-office strategy please get in touch with us.