How to generate higher quality leads and close more deals with the right cloud technology tools

Watch the talks from this event, featuring:

  • Omar Rathore-Rayi, Sales Director at Pultron
  • Sam Wolfenden, Head of Commercial 4C, MENA
  • Josh Bradley, Chief Marketing Officer at 4C
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How Pultron supercharged their sales team with Salesforce

Hear from Omar Rathore-Rayi, Sales Director at Pultron on the ways they have successfully grown their businesses using Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Community Cloud. Omar goes into detail on Pultron’s CRM journey, in particular, when and why they decided to adopt Salesforce, the World’s leading CRM. You can read all about Pultron’s Salesforce journey by clicking here.

Hear insights from our speakers on adopting marketing automation and Salesforce

Hear from the 4C Dubai team on how you can generate high quality leads to keep the pipeline full using the right marketing automation tools. You’ll also hear how using, Sales Cloud, a Salesforce CRM product, can help you to speed up your sales cycle.

How cloud technology tools can help speed up your sales cycle: Sam Wolfenden, Head of Commercial 4C Dubai

The Ingredients Needed for Successful Marketing Automation: Josh Bradley, CMO, 4C Dubai

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