Lightning Experience is the next generation of Salesforce

Efficiently managing your customer relationships is a central part of any successful business. But when it comes to reacting and responding to the daily challenges of operating in your chosen sector, staying fully up to date with your best practice is not only recommended but truly essential.

Salesforce’s new Lightning platform provides a wide range of tools and functionalities that not only extend your system, but make it easier than ever to use technology and software to accomplish your key business goals.

Advantages of Salesforce Lighting

  • Undertake a quick system-setup with the ‘Lightning Experience’ tool, a dedicated application designed to help fully customise and configure your system; empowering your employees pick it up easily and efficiently.
  • Utilise a new suite of sales tools to construct your own process path made up from tailor-made ‘fields’ and ‘stages’. The freshly added ‘opportunity workspace’ helps track sales efforts that allows you to set up timelines, metrics, and fully integrate with a new internal Kanban system.
  • Enjoy updated service tools for improved case management, construct or improve your internal knowledgebase, and deploy analytics to unlock useful insights and metrics.
  • Deploy improved reporting and dashboard functionality. Lightning comes with a redesigned look, improved layout, and added editing functionality that makes the system easier to deploy than ever before.
  • Use a wealth of other features including performance charts, improved branding and customisation, virtual assistants to help with reminders and appointments, and much more.
Advantages of Salesforce Lighting

Salesforce Lightning vs Salesforce Classic

Salesforce Lightning iterates and improves on everything that made Classic such a powerful value-add for over 3.75 million subscribers. The new platform functionality brings a focus on helping your team close faster and with greater efficiency, while retaining the key features that worked so effectively.

So how do the two compare?

Salesforce’s intelligent homepage is still present with events, tasks and a fully remappable dashboard. Lightning takes steps to add more analytics to the mix. These allow you to pull up detailed performance charts, deploy a dedicated AI assistant, and display news and essential information on key deals all within one panel. The new system also takes steps to improve on Classic’s solid accounts and contact management, letting you construct elegant sales ‘paths’ that can feature detailed instructions and increased information on forthcoming opportunities.

Sf lightning copy

Lightning also adds functionality that was sorely needed in Classic, bringing in Kanban visualisation tools that let you take a deep-dive on your pipeline and represent your data with charts, alerts and sharing. Classic’s essential ‘Einstein AI’ assistant is also greatly expanded, adding the ability to capture sales activity data and provide opportunity and account insights to help guide your work. Customer service also remains at a very high standard in both platforms, with Lightning adding useful setup tree functionality for knowledgebases, social media, email to case management and more.

Overall, Salesforce Lighting represents a dedicated drive to produce a high-utility iteration of the platform – allowing to improve your functionality, efficiency, effectiveness not only as the developer intends but as you see fit for the unique needs of your team.

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Tom Boyce

Tom Boyce

Professional Services Director

“The Salesforce Lighting Experience offer a significant upgrade on Salesforce Classic with a more modern interface, faster load times and significantly more features, enabling customers to improve the performance of their org.”

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