The high priority for High Tech

Forget price and product: customer experience is now key to competitiveness in the high tech industry

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High tech is characterised by constant change and innovation, in order to stay ahead of the curve businesses need to put their customers and their customers customers at the heart of everything they do.

Many high tech companies are choosing to partner with Salesforce to stay competitive and meet the growing needs of their customers. Salesforce is the most innovative CRM on the planet - and here at Wipro we have been helping technology companies push the boundaries of the platform for almost two decades.

Priorities for High Tech


Speed of innovation is key. High tech businesses are known as the disruptors but their challenge is that they are constantly being disrupted. This isn’t solely down to the product team. It is also about innovating to find new ways of working, new ways to connect to customers, to leverage data and drive efficiences.

Let 4C Salesforce Consultancy help your high tech company implement the most innovative CRM


Partnerships are becoming increasingly important in the digital economy. As business models and product offerings evolve, effective digital partnerships are enabling high tech companies to develop innovative solutions that drive success and create unrivalled customer experiences.

Let 4C Salesforce Consultancy help your high tech company implement the most innovative CRM

Connected departments and a single view of the customer

Creating a seamless customer experience is imperative in the fast-paced, competitive environment that is high tech. With many channels, technologies and platforms, the challenge for many high tech companies isn’t gathering data, it’s integrating data into a single customer view. So bringing it all together in one single platform that will allow you to understand exactly what your customer is doing and what they want is crucial.

Let 4C Salesforce Consultancy help your high tech company implement the most innovative CRM
Discover why the High-Tech industry are choosing Salesforce CRM to further their business

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“Salesforce gave us everything we needed to move away from manual excel reporting; it was easy to use and provided a centrally managed location for all customer and vendor interaction and information which we were lacking. It also gave us the scope to make changes on the fly when needed and will grow into other areas of the business like technical and logistics.”

Matthew Drum, Channel Sales Manager, Enterprise Systems


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