The Digital Industrial Revolution

Why the next thing manufacturers need to create are exceptional customer experiences

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The future for manufacturers. The move towards customer centricity

We are seeing a shift taking place in the manufacturing industry. Customer demands are changing, they expect the information they need when they need it. In order to stay ahead and meet these demands, manufacturers must focus on creating a consistent, seamless customer experience and transform from being product-centric organisations to customer-centric organisations.

To achieve this, many manufacturers are choosing Salesforce’s capable CRM software to take their business to the next level - manufacturing is one of the core industries that Salesforce was built to serve.

Priorities for Manufacturers

Single view of the customer

Rapid growth and M&A activities mean that many manufacturers have got multiple siloed systems and trapped data, making it difficult for them to have a complete, consistent view of their customers. Having this single view of the customer is becoming increasingly key in manufacturing in order to stay competitive and ensure that every interaction and touchpoint customers have is seamless and joined up, even before the customer has bought and deployed a product.


Getting to grips with IoT

There’s no getting away from it, we are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, innovation and technology are transforming our economies. In manufacturing AI is helping companies get closer to their customers. It is impacting all areas of the business from sales, to service, to back office, by driving automation through intelligence and enabling teams to deliver smarter, data driven strategies and decisions which transcend into better customer experiences.


Delivering an intelligent service through connected systems

This era of manufacturing is not only about creating a compelling product, it’s about the experience and value-added services manufacturers can deliver to their customers. This can be tricky when legacy systems and technology create a disconnect between departments. To provide a smart, personalised service, manufacturers need data in one centralised location. By leveraging all available data - from customer data to connected devices, manufacturers can deliver the smarter services that the connected customer demands.


This is where the solutions offered by Salesforce truly come into their own. Dive into our e-guide to discover why manufacturing companies are choosing Salesforce CRM to deliver a whole new kind of customer success.

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“The Salesforce journey with 4C has been fantastic. From the original kick off meeting the 4C team have been great. They came into our business and took the time to understand it, mapped out everything we needed and have done exactly as we have asked of them. Our investment in Salesforce and 4C has already paid for itself ten times over.”

Omar Rathore-Rayi, Sales Director, Pultron

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